Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 9- It’s Called…I’m Lazy

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Ep 009 <Click Here to Listen to Audio Only

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Progress Report

RambunctiouSky doggedly works on her Sashiko Cardi–Never-ending  sleeves! She’s worried that she’s not going to have enough yarn, as she forgot to re-calculate how much more she’d need for longer sleeves. Sweet Merlin on a Moped, say it ain’t so!
She also works on her ~gasp~ tiny kiwi (as in the small fightless bird, not her sister) cross-stitch bookmark, one of her oldest WIPs.

TinyKiwi hardly touches her Fibonerdy Shawl…For shame!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s FOs! (7:34)

TK gets a flannel pillowcase sewn! For something that’s just a few straight seams, it sure took a while to make.

TK also plays more with her fabric button maker, and uses vintage fabric scraps from her grandparents to make buttons.  It sure is a good way of using fabric scraps that are too small for anything else.  She also embroiders a dandelion seed head and based on  a pattern from the book she showed last week 手づくりくるみボタンの本 , although she drastically changed it from the book’s pattern.

TK also finishes up creating little “Stay In Time” & “Stay In Tune” Potions bottle earrings, as previously requested by RS.  She’s still gotta get the earring wire for them though, so technically, they’re hovering in the land between WIP and FO.

RS finishes up another long-term WIP, and gets her origami stars hung up and decorating her office. Delightful!

Shiny! (22:42)

RS won the WIP bag from The Weasley Sisters Podcast giveaway!!! So exciting!  It’s lovely, just the right size for socks, and has a helpful amount of pockets (and if you’d like one yourself, she sells them!) It also came with a nifty TWSP button.  TK is mega jealous!

Hyperventilate (26:14)

TK tries to think of the word resin, (not enamel!) and fails. Then she talks about the little Altoid Apothecary projects, although she also has a brain fart about how to say apothecary… By Grabthar’s Hammer, What a Segment!

Books to Stick Your Nose In (28:44)

RS finishes off The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, and starts Snow Falling On Cedars by David Guterson, which TK apparently bears a grudge towards, as she wanted to read it, but just couldn’t get into it.

We then discuss the merits of a bad memory, as it lets us re-read and re-watch things, and the plot is like new! There’s looking on the bright side for ya!

TK starts (re!)reading the third Mercy Thompson book in the series, Iron Kissed, by Patricia Briggs.  The writing’s not stellar, but it’s still a very fun series with werewolves, fae, vampires, and a shape-shifitng coyote protagonist. This one comes with a trigger warning, though, and TK is not entirely thrilled that Briggs felt the need to include something like this in her books.

I Spy! (32:50)

TK only hears Mockingbirds this week.  Where is everybody?

RS gets more of the same visitors and confirms that the mystery bird in question is, indeed, a Junco.

Ear Party (36:26)

TK’s been listening to:
Imagine Dragons — Radioactive
OneRepublic — Counting Stars
on repeat as background music.  She sometimes likes to have one song on low and stuck on repeat while she does other tasks, as it helps her focus.

RS listens to NPR’s podcast All Songs Considered, and discovers several new songs though them, including Kasey Musgraves with “Same Trailer, Different Park.” They also have an NPR All Songs Considered blog.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (40:28)

TK hit within her flex goal (4-7), with 4 walks this week, although she feels like it should have been more.  RS fell short of her goal, with only 1 walk this week. Next week should be better!

Random Remnants (42:55)

We talk back pain, crafting breaks, and knitting.

RS talks about how Gigi, of The Knitmore Girls, suggested doing 20 minutes of housework and 20 minutes of knitting, and that works for RS. TK has focusing issues though, so that kind of strategy won’t work for her. To each their own!

RS loves wind.  TK is not a fan.

RS has an abundance of flour so she makes scones, and TK dreams of all the things she could make with an excess of flour….

Aaaand our outtakes this week is just the usual RS sneakily hitting record before TK notices. -_-

And that’s all for this week, folks! Thanks for stopping by!

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