Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 14- Like a Laser in a Room Full of Mirrors

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 14 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

We talk plotting and all things to do with the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.

TinyKiwi talks about the stained-glass “swatch” she’s making based on the  Tracery Vest out of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine (which we love!)
She’s really making two of them as wristers for her friend, as she learns stranding/fair-isle and weaving techniques.

TK maintains that she hates floats, while Rambuntiousky looks on and laughs (but as RS hates pooling the same way TK hates floats, TK maintains that RS hasn’t got a leg to stand on.)

TK also references the book Very Easy Guide to Fair Isle Knitting by Lynne Watterson, which she likes but it joins the many other books that neglect to show how to weave in floats on a purl row (while knitting flat.)

RS maintains that the wool floats in her cardigan don’t snag (thanks to the properties of wool, most-likely) and talks about the snag-y ladders in her Clapotis pattern then shows off one of the new washcloths she’s knitting.

If you’ve been following along in previous episodes, you’ll know about TK’s Fibonerdy shawl, which she just got around to measuring and it’s–6 feet long–!

TK is all over the WIPs map and talks about her troubles picking up where she left off with Miss Jane’s Hat, and talks about the joys of tatting in public.

JAPANESE BOOK! We’ll get ya an isbn, eventually.

RS shows off a knitted purse that she’s now lining, that she made for TK–BEFORE RAVELRY PPL! Was there ever a time when we didn’t have Ravelry? The mind boggles.

RS decides on making the Evenstar Shawl for her wedding, and orders a gradient yarn for it from The Unique Sheep.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

Ha ha! The joke’s on you, we never finish anything! Mwa ha ha haaaa!

Brainy Moments

-_- Apparently not.

Shiny (30:05)

TK shows off her new button, “Hi! I don’t remember your name either!”

Socially-awkward people unite! (Some other day!)

RS talks about a big shiny:  Novara Bike


“Moral of the story is: A book in the hand is worth two in the library. I don’t know if that’s a good moral, of if I just have craziness. 50/50 chances!”

Books to Stick Your Nose In (37:00)

Tk finishes Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan, which she liked and would recommend, but with one or two small caveats, and starts Orphan Train by Christina Baker

RS checks out the thrilling read: The Core Six, an essential book for her teaching  career, but c’man that title (and probably content) could use a little more pizazz.  She also talks about the book, which RS’s cat apparently has an opinion on, called Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie.

I Spy (45:45)

TK’s bird of prey taunts her and her horrible binocular-less vision while RS visits the meadow! (in your best Bambi voice) and sees bees, flowers, chipmunks and lizards

Ear Party (52:00ish)

RS goes on a music-buying spree and checks out Tristan Prettyman

TK breaks out her Fiona Apple and Robyn as they are good music to stomp around to.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness

TK gets her 9-5 gardening work-out in and meets her meditation goals.

RS doesn’t get in as much yoga as she’d hoped, but had a good time biking with a friend, and hopes the bike will open up the possibility of more exercise. She changes her goal to one session each of hike, bike, and yoga.

Random Remnants (58:57)

TK talks about whether or not she’ll do an OWL (a three-month-long project.)

RS starts a compost bin and worries about becoming a crazy lady who sweeps the sidewalk.

We talk again on the merits of eating fresh food, and discuss the joys of fresh homegrown tomatoes.  We agree that good ingredients are the key to both enjoyable food and enjoyable crafting.  Good yarn, good tomatoes–everything is possible with good ingredients!

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