Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 16- We Dream Big in Slytherin

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 16 <Click here to listen to audio only.

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi works on her no-longer-a-scarf now-it’s-a-cowl cowl and is happy at the thought of being almost done with this infinite WIP.
She also starts a Granny Rose Triangle out of the previously-mentioned 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet by Betty Barnden.

We plot a little and mention a bit more about our ever-ubiquitous love for the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.

RambunctiouSky casts on for her sampler/scarf blanket.

Here’s a handy link to the 300 Knit Patterns Book that RS mentions: 編みパターンブック300
(We mention a lot of Japanese books on our blog, sorry if your browser isn’t set up to handle the strange text!  Let us know if you’d prefer a Romanized version for readability. We just use a lot of Japanese books…)

RS talks about the Care of Magical Creatures class and what it…entails… (nyuk nyuk nyuk)

RS also swatches for her Evenstar Shawl, and we talk about her feelings on the Unique Sheep yarn (Eos 50 silk/50 merino in colorway Winter Wonderland)–survey says: super soft, more variegated than we’d hoped for (waaay more?) but the colors are still beautiful, it’s over-all lovely at a distance, so she’s still going for it (and it’s soft!)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RS has a finished washcloth!

Brainy Moments (21:00)

Swaaaaatch. Swatch swatch swatch. (Do two repeats! Swaaaatch.)  That is all.

JOIN RAVERLY.COM! Oh my gosh it’s so great! If you’re a knitter or crocheter, this place is simply the best. (We only mention it because TK was recently reminded that some people still don’t know about Ravelry! Can you believe it?! Don’t worry, we’re here for you.)


TK has new books! Crochet Mania Handmade Bags
(Crochet) Hand and Wrist and Leg Warmers in Three Days
(We don’t have any affiliation to the two Etsy accounts linked above, so buy at your own risk. We have no idea who these people are.)

TK tries to remember Lily Chin’s name and talks about the reversible (knit) cables she’s got in her Power Cables book (which TK loves, as it was her first cables book…TK doesn’t start small.)

Hyperventilate (36:45)

TK geeks out on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, rants about the SyFy name change, (so stupid! All I think of is Syphilis! What a bad connotation!) and wishes to see Heros of Cosplay

RS is excited that House is on Netflix now!

[Helicopter Solo!]

Books to Stick Your Nose In (41:37)

RS reads the English translation of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose (which is also a movie with Sean Connery!)

TK makes progress on Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, which so far gets a “meh” rating, and talks about her disappointment with a previous book she’s read called The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman (Spoilers! It’s depressing. She doesn’t recommend it unless you like to read sad stories.)
This is the sad-story review section, apparently.

I Spy (45:42)

Mockingbirds, and a Phoebe are all TK sees, and nada for RS. It’s been hot!

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (47:15)

Speaking of which, TK only gets a half-day of gardening in, but has otherwise missed her exercise goals. “It’s hot,” she whines.

RS wanted to walk or bike to work instead of drive, but that didn’t quite happen again this week. But she got two walks in and a biking session with a friend, so we’ll still chalk it up to a successful week even if goals weren’t reached.

Ear Party(50:49)

TK listens to Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky who was the first Czech composer of Baroque instrumental music, and Trespassers William, an indie pop group with a sound similar to Portishead, only not so lo-fi.

RS listens to singer/songwriter Brett Dennen, and proceeds to be a cold, oh so cold person. 😛

Random Remnants (56:32 or thereabouts)

“Color-changing on crochet shells–I don’t recommend it!”

We talk about Quidditch projects and the Slytherin Dueling Club in the HPKCHC.

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