About Us

Hello and welcome!  Thanks for stopping by.  🙂


About us together:  We come from a strong literary background, as we have more librarians and teachers in our family than would probably be polite to mention, and we were raised on children’s scrabble.  Nevertheless, spelling is somehow mysteriously not our strong suit.  We’re both fans of Jane Austen, and of Miyazaki’s films, and we play along in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup (HPKCHC) group on Ravelry, which you’ll hear referenced many times.

Tiny Kiwi


I’m Heather also known as tinykiwi, and I’ve been crocheting for 10+ years and knitting for about 3.  I’m an artist, metalsmith and all-around crafty person.  My interests are about as wide and varied as the stars, so getting me to focus can sometimes be a challenge.  That’s why I’m so thankful for the motivating forces of the HPKCHC group, where I now craft for the glory of Slytherin. ❤  In general, I love history, biology, languages and reading, but I am pretty much an all-around nerd.  I love to bake when I get the chance, as I’m a carboholic, and I think tea is one of the best beverages on Earth, although I’m pretty big on coffee too.  You’ll often find me reading old books with a cat on my lap.

Rambunctious Sky

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I’m Devon, also known as Rambunctiousky on Ravelry. I am an enthusiastic knitter, but also enjoy many other crafts including crochet, quilting, collage and spindle spinning. An extra set of arms would be helpful so that I could knit and play video games at the same time. I teach K-6 general and instrumental music, play clarinet and piano, and enjoy listening to new music. I find our world fascinating and travel at any opportunity. On weekends I marvel at the creativity of nature while out hiking and camping.

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