Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 41

Are we recording yet?

TinyKiwi took out a WIP from her stash of WIPs to work on during an early Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a green and beige random striped Slytherin scarf. We talk about the options to fix a curling scarf. Rambunctiousky mentions Tech Knitter’s series of posts on fixing curling scarves.

TinyKiwi is a good friend and blocks a scarf for said friend.

TinyKiwi talks about a phone/tablet game for crazy cat ladies like us to collect cats! Hee hee!

Proving our crazy cat lady status, Rambunctiousky talks about her cat Timber’s art installations.


Sisters of the Holy Fiber – RETURN

We return to videocasting using Google Hangouts. So far, so cast-y!

TiniKiwi starts off the episode with show and tell of some fabulous loopy fun furry booties.

Rambunctiousky starts Projects of the Moment with her purple cabled socks. The pattern is Sam from Cookie A’s book Sock Innovation.

She then jumps into Finished Objects with her gray polka dot and pink pillows. Oh wait, maybe they’re still WIPs…

Rambunctiousky then shows her school pictures.

TinyKiwi shares her friend’s zigzag scarf (don’t know the pattern).

We talk about weaving in ends as you knit and the virtues of being such a virtuous knitter.

The tangents part of the episode gets started when Rambunctiousky talks about all the things her students are doing.


Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 38- Llama Socks


Projects of the Moment: WIPs Reports and Finished Objects

RS – Cast on the first pairs of socks for her History of Magic OWL using the Sherman Toe and Heel Method. She also went outside and tried a little landscape portrait art knitting.

TK’s has made some anti-static devices to protect oneself form the static electric shock of one’s car. She is crocheting a doily and re-sewing a bag for dad.


RS has been playing the PS2 game Legend of Mana and having a dandy time.

I Spy

TK saw an ensatina (from the salamander family).

Ear Party

TK is listening to Metric’s “Help, I’m Alive” and “Black Sheep.”

Brainy Moments

Gaming system hook ups.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 37- Pontificating

RS – Finished Hitchhiker shawl in Socks that Rock Lightweight for TK and made four dryer balls. Turned Hitchhiker in to detention and has yet to turn in the dryer balls. RS has proposed a History of Magic OWL, making three pairs of socks using the Sherman Toe and Heel Method. You can see her History of Magic OWL proposal here.

TK’s has chosen these three WIPs to work on for detention for the term: her pink cabled scarf, Miss Jane’s Hat, and her simple socks. Class plans include a doily, a Slytherin scarf or cowl, and the Catherine Wheel Headband. She is going to propose the Roselein Hat for an Order Mission project. See post 6 in the Mission Thread about the difference between Brawny and Fiddly projects.

Brainy Moments

Using silicon pad for hot glue gun base.


Pill Shaver from Daiso.


TK has been watching “Ask a Mortician” videos on YouTube.

TK has been making mini cupcakes.

Ear Party

Sam Smith “Stay With Me”

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 36- Knit it to Get It

RS – Finished the Linen Stitch Scarf and Tarragon, the dinosaur/dragon (Free pattern!). She also did a little DIY to recover a piano bench and she and her partner made an under the shelf cutting board holder. Below is a picture of RS’s FOs from 2014.

2014 KnitsPlans Ensue! (Slytherin Break Month Activities)

RS’s plans for the next three months include Dryer Balls, Toe Up Socks using the Sherman Toe and Heel Method, more Care of Magical Creatures stitch markers, Baby Surprise Jacket by Elizabeth Zimmerman, and a scarf to match a hat she made for a friend. In detention she will be working on a Hitchhiker, a top down raglan sweater, and another pair of Pieces of Eight mitts.

TK’s plans include some Caliometry for classes, Socks and the Jane Hat for detention, and the  Roselein Hat or a Capelet for Order Mission projects.

BBC Pride & Prejudice Miniseries – What we watch when we’re sick.

Brainy Moments

Needle stash on Ravelry. My Notebook -> Needles/Hooks

Books to Stick Your Nose In

How to Tell the Birds from the Flowers and Other Woodcuts by Robert Williams Wood. (Free copy online from Gutenberg)

Butterflies in Flight by Roger Camp


RS has been watching Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries.

TK is playing Magna Carta: Tears of Blood made by TK’s favorite, Atlus. She is also playing Darkened Skye. She has found Devil Summoner 2 and loved the first one.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 35- When Your WIP Bag is Bigger Than Your Stash

RS – Still plugging away on the Linen Stitch Scarf. Making limbs for Tarragon, the dinosaur/dragon (Free pattern!).

BBC Pride & Prejudice Miniseries

Slytherin Break Month Activities

FlyLady‘s Five Minute challenge. Pick a place in your house that needs cleaning, set the timer for five minutes, get going! RS has found it very helpful and read about it in the book Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath.


Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 34- Monitor Issues & Reading Rainbow

“The Random Christmas Episode”

Reading Rainbow

RS – Plugging away on the Linen Stitch Scarf.

The Totoro Blanket has been finished and a pic with baby is now up on RS’s Rav.

Screen Apnea

The book RS was talking about is actually called Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Made to Stick is another book of theirs.

Video game talk abounds. RS talks about an iPad app which is actually called Highrise Heroes.

TK has been playing Drakengard on the PS2.

Best things about the holidays:
– Egg nog lattes
– Looking at the Christmas tree without your glasses on

TK is joansing to play Epic Mickey 2 for the Wii.

We discuss the pros and cons of signing up for Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup on Rav. We successfully talk each other into signing up again. 🙂

SotHF -Episode 30 – Mobius Unicorn…Mobiusicorn?

Another short epi! This is mostly just a progress check~!

RambunctiouSky works on her blanket! She likes pulling bits of hay from her yarn as she knits–what a weirdo! 😉 She also talks about the Totoro hoodie she intends to make.

TinyKiwi is wiped out from the weekend, and until she gets her projects back from a friend, she’s got nothing to show off, sadly.  She’s attempting fingerless mitts at the moment, but that project may not last…as at the end she discovers she’s accidentally made them into mobius mitts… *sigh*

SotHF – Episode 29 – Death Eater Memorial Fund

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects

TinyKiwi shows off all the small crafts she’s making for a craft fair (it’s a lot!)

She also gets the unicorn horn made when she decides to knit it flat but needs to seam it and add the ridge.

RambunctiouSky works on socks and talks knit plotting.

TK discusses changing her name to Heather Danger. ❤

Brainy Moments (16:10)

RS shows a way of winding small bits of yarn for small projects or intarsia so that it pulls out as you go without tangling.

Hyperventilate (19:40)

TK shares an artist she loves Emily Carroll. Some of the stories on there are horror and may not be suitable for children, so use your own discretion. TK’s favorite story is “Out of Skin.”

I Spy (26:45)

TK  sees a grub (blurg!)

RS sees a Jack Russel Terrier that is a hiker. Ground spiders, Coast Live Oaks.

Tangent! We question how the Queen wears her fascinators.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (31:40)

We don’t do well cause of the heat, and RS even forgets she has goals. So hot we have brain melt! Woeee

Ear Party (34:40)

RS continues to listen to Put Your Hands Together podcast

TK listens to the audiobook for The Amulet of Samarkand

And we’re off into Random: CONTEST RESULTS:

CONGRATS URBANIZER; YOU’VE WON! We’ll contact you on Rav. 😉

Scotland! Will it or won’t it go? We’ll find out soon!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 28- The Unexpected Book

(We are working on a new place to store our audio & can’t update in iTunes until we resolve this. Your patience is requested, but hopefully it will be very soon!)

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects (00:40)

TinyKiwi works on (no relation, other than we’re both small birds) TinyOwlKnits’s Unicorn Horn from the Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1 for our Knit ALong. She makes her own size 0 DPNs out of toothpicks and talks about using nail-polish on them… Which she later does.

Join us in our KAL of the CoMC Bracelet(s) which we’re running through to the end of November!

Post for a chance to WIN a “Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet” pattern (by TinyOwlKnits) from us through Ravelry–

by posting in our “Introductions” thread or the “Ear Party” thread in our SotHF Rav group, (or leaving a comment here if you don’t have a Ravelry account.)

We’re keeping the contest open until…Sept 15th, 2014! 11:59 pm (PST) so come post & enter!

[If you already own Charm packs 1,2, and 3, then RS will gift you an equal value pattern from your wish-list.]

TinyKiwi gets further along on her “Follow the Spiders” hat.

RambunctiouSky works more on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty (available for free,) but has to wait to take measurements.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s  a F.O.!

Pieces of Eight mitts are finished! It’s a free pattern, but it’s not entirely clearly written so RS re-wrote the pattern. All things considered, RS likes the pattern and plans to make more.

TK does an un-paid advertisement for Dip Dabs, and wishes she’d get a sponsorship from them, just so that she could get free Dip Dabs. ❤

Brainy Moments (10:24)

RS talks about grafting and when you can avoid Kitchener Stitch grafting (because that produces stockinette stitch).  We talk about the value of practicing grafting to overcome fear.

Hyperventilate (14:46)

TK talks about the joy of finding a snippet of Colin Firth at the end of an old version of The Secret Garden (1987) that she watched as a kid. Colin Firth ~swoon~ Mister Yummy Man himself. God he looks so young! It’s available on YouTube at the moment if you care to take a gander.

TK also finds the addictive blog:

RS finds and becomes addicted to David Attenborough’s documentaries to knit along with.

We talk about weird bird habits.

Shiny (and Books) (19:24)

TK gets the book Landscape Plants For California Gardens: An Illustrated Reference of Plants for California Landscapes by Bob Perry, and loves it. #DontTellTheBoyfriendIBoughtIt is becoming my new favorite hashtag, apparently.

RS has a shiny new cardigan!

She also checks out Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage: A Novel by Haruki Murakami from her local library, and reads it in two days.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness with a hint of I Spy (28:04)

RS goes for a hike, and visits a botanic garden in her area (and learns about Coast Live Oaks!) Lizards.

[TK needs texts from RS to put on sunscreen, and RS needs texts from TK to walk more. New goals!]

TK wears out her feet running around at a temp job, and gets to garden with Ginger (white and yellow flowered varieties,) Red Zonal Pelargoniums (aka Geraniums). She gets her regular day of gardening in, plus one extra, and one hard hot day of setting up tables in the sun, followed by 8 hours at the temp job the next day. If she had a goal for steps, she’d have met it!  She also sees boths Anna’s and Allen’s Hummingbirds.

Sorry of all the noise on TK’s end. The boyfriend was too busy making food to be quiet, and she kindly didn’t want him to starve while waiting.

TK tries to face her fear of Grasshoppers (and anything that looks like one) by picking them up and feeding them to chickens.
She also sees the cutest jumping spider! It looked like a gold spray-painted jewel.

RS remembers she finally saw a spider in the web tornado it’s built.

Ear Party (39:11)

RS talks about Feminist Lesbian Stand-Up Comedy show called Put Your Hands Together run by Cameron Esposito? Ask RS for more info and Wam Bam Pow! podcast

TK once again touts the virtues of The Weasley Sisters’ Podcast, ❤ listens to a few books on tape, Keith Urban, and “Archie Powell and the Exports”.

Random Remnants (44:40)

TK talks about taking apart our Grandparents’ old Automatic Stereophonic Solid-State “Portable” Magnavox Record Player. (Plays up to 6 records! No tubes to service!)

The sound tanks a bit here until the microwave turns off. Dang you SKYYYYYPE!

RS lines a bag she made TK and mails it out to her! Sneaky presents!

RS waaaades through boxes of family photos, and plants Gardenias.

We go over the contest rules and talk about the KAL.