SotHF – Episode 29 – Death Eater Memorial Fund

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects

TinyKiwi shows off all the small crafts she’s making for a craft fair (it’s a lot!)

She also gets the unicorn horn made when she decides to knit it flat but needs to seam it and add the ridge.

RambunctiouSky works on socks and talks knit plotting.

TK discusses changing her name to Heather Danger. ❤

Brainy Moments (16:10)

RS shows a way of winding small bits of yarn for small projects or intarsia so that it pulls out as you go without tangling.

Hyperventilate (19:40)

TK shares an artist she loves Emily Carroll. Some of the stories on there are horror and may not be suitable for children, so use your own discretion. TK’s favorite story is “Out of Skin.”

I Spy (26:45)

TK  sees a grub (blurg!)

RS sees a Jack Russel Terrier that is a hiker. Ground spiders, Coast Live Oaks.

Tangent! We question how the Queen wears her fascinators.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (31:40)

We don’t do well cause of the heat, and RS even forgets she has goals. So hot we have brain melt! Woeee

Ear Party (34:40)

RS continues to listen to Put Your Hands Together podcast

TK listens to the audiobook for The Amulet of Samarkand

And we’re off into Random: CONTEST RESULTS:

CONGRATS URBANIZER; YOU’VE WON! We’ll contact you on Rav. 😉

Scotland! Will it or won’t it go? We’ll find out soon!


Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 27- Mitts for Andre the Giant

(We are working on a new place to store our audio. We won’t update in iTunes until we resolve this. Your patience is requested, but hopefully it will be very soon, despite what we say in the podcast!)

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects (00:40)

TinyKiwi needs to take apart and re-sew some little flowers onto hair clips.

TK finishes her first ever washcloth and finishes the loofah scrubber for detention. A sweatband just needs a button to be ready, and some super-shiny bows are ready to go!

She also starts a hat she’s going to call her “Follow the Spiders” hat, and begins to gather her supplies for the KAL!

RambunctiouSky finishes the Stag Antler for our TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1 KAL

Join us! Post for a chance to WIN the pattern from us through Ravelry by posting in our Introductions thread or the Ear Party thread in our SotHF Rav group.

RS works more on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty (available for free,) but has to wait to take measurements.

She also starts Pieces of Eight mitts, another free pattern, but it’s not entirely clearly written so check other people’s Rav notes before you start.

We talk more about our plans for the KAL (Knit Along) with TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1. We’re offering the pattern as a prize if you go post in our Introduce Yourself thread in our Rav group or in the Ear Party thread, also in the Rav group. (If you’re not on Ravelry, that’s ok; drop us a comment here.) Note: We changed the date to a later date since we only got a chance to post to YouTube and not to Rav or our blog. Contest is still going on!