Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 28- The Unexpected Book

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Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects (00:40)

TinyKiwi works on (no relation, other than we’re both small birds) TinyOwlKnits’s Unicorn Horn from the Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1 for our Knit ALong. She makes her own size 0 DPNs out of toothpicks and talks about using nail-polish on them… Which she later does.

Join us in our KAL of the CoMC Bracelet(s) which we’re running through to the end of November!

Post for a chance to WIN a “Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet” pattern (by TinyOwlKnits) from us through Ravelry–

by posting in our “Introductions” thread or the “Ear Party” thread in our SotHF Rav group, (or leaving a comment here if you don’t have a Ravelry account.)

We’re keeping the contest open until…Sept 15th, 2014! 11:59 pm (PST) so come post & enter!

[If you already own Charm packs 1,2, and 3, then RS will gift you an equal value pattern from your wish-list.]

TinyKiwi gets further along on her “Follow the Spiders” hat.

RambunctiouSky works more on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty (available for free,) but has to wait to take measurements.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s  a F.O.!

Pieces of Eight mitts are finished! It’s a free pattern, but it’s not entirely clearly written so RS re-wrote the pattern. All things considered, RS likes the pattern and plans to make more.

TK does an un-paid advertisement for Dip Dabs, and wishes she’d get a sponsorship from them, just so that she could get free Dip Dabs. ❤

Brainy Moments (10:24)

RS talks about grafting and when you can avoid Kitchener Stitch grafting (because that produces stockinette stitch).  We talk about the value of practicing grafting to overcome fear.

Hyperventilate (14:46)

TK talks about the joy of finding a snippet of Colin Firth at the end of an old version of The Secret Garden (1987) that she watched as a kid. Colin Firth ~swoon~ Mister Yummy Man himself. God he looks so young! It’s available on YouTube at the moment if you care to take a gander.

TK also finds the addictive blog:

RS finds and becomes addicted to David Attenborough’s documentaries to knit along with.

We talk about weird bird habits.

Shiny (and Books) (19:24)

TK gets the book Landscape Plants For California Gardens: An Illustrated Reference of Plants for California Landscapes by Bob Perry, and loves it. #DontTellTheBoyfriendIBoughtIt is becoming my new favorite hashtag, apparently.

RS has a shiny new cardigan!

She also checks out Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage: A Novel by Haruki Murakami from her local library, and reads it in two days.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness with a hint of I Spy (28:04)

RS goes for a hike, and visits a botanic garden in her area (and learns about Coast Live Oaks!) Lizards.

[TK needs texts from RS to put on sunscreen, and RS needs texts from TK to walk more. New goals!]

TK wears out her feet running around at a temp job, and gets to garden with Ginger (white and yellow flowered varieties,) Red Zonal Pelargoniums (aka Geraniums). She gets her regular day of gardening in, plus one extra, and one hard hot day of setting up tables in the sun, followed by 8 hours at the temp job the next day. If she had a goal for steps, she’d have met it!  She also sees boths Anna’s and Allen’s Hummingbirds.

Sorry of all the noise on TK’s end. The boyfriend was too busy making food to be quiet, and she kindly didn’t want him to starve while waiting.

TK tries to face her fear of Grasshoppers (and anything that looks like one) by picking them up and feeding them to chickens.
She also sees the cutest jumping spider! It looked like a gold spray-painted jewel.

RS remembers she finally saw a spider in the web tornado it’s built.

Ear Party (39:11)

RS talks about Feminist Lesbian Stand-Up Comedy show called Put Your Hands Together run by Cameron Esposito? Ask RS for more info and Wam Bam Pow! podcast

TK once again touts the virtues of The Weasley Sisters’ Podcast, ❤ listens to a few books on tape, Keith Urban, and “Archie Powell and the Exports”.

Random Remnants (44:40)

TK talks about taking apart our Grandparents’ old Automatic Stereophonic Solid-State “Portable” Magnavox Record Player. (Plays up to 6 records! No tubes to service!)

The sound tanks a bit here until the microwave turns off. Dang you SKYYYYYPE!

RS lines a bag she made TK and mails it out to her! Sneaky presents!

RS waaaades through boxes of family photos, and plants Gardenias.

We go over the contest rules and talk about the KAL.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 27- Mitts for Andre the Giant

(We are working on a new place to store our audio. We won’t update in iTunes until we resolve this. Your patience is requested, but hopefully it will be very soon, despite what we say in the podcast!)

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects (00:40)

TinyKiwi needs to take apart and re-sew some little flowers onto hair clips.

TK finishes her first ever washcloth and finishes the loofah scrubber for detention. A sweatband just needs a button to be ready, and some super-shiny bows are ready to go!

She also starts a hat she’s going to call her “Follow the Spiders” hat, and begins to gather her supplies for the KAL!

RambunctiouSky finishes the Stag Antler for our TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1 KAL

Join us! Post for a chance to WIN the pattern from us through Ravelry by posting in our Introductions thread or the Ear Party thread in our SotHF Rav group.

RS works more on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty (available for free,) but has to wait to take measurements.

She also starts Pieces of Eight mitts, another free pattern, but it’s not entirely clearly written so check other people’s Rav notes before you start.

We talk more about our plans for the KAL (Knit Along) with TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1. We’re offering the pattern as a prize if you go post in our Introduce Yourself thread in our Rav group or in the Ear Party thread, also in the Rav group. (If you’re not on Ravelry, that’s ok; drop us a comment here.) Note: We changed the date to a later date since we only got a chance to post to YouTube and not to Rav or our blog. Contest is still going on!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 17- Stop Knitting and Go To Bed

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 17 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi works on a slouchy hat.  Complete with cranky boyfriend voice cameo!

RambunctiouSky works on her blanket panel, and is at chart 2 on the Evenstar Shawl (which she’s making from Eos yarn from The Unique Sheep in coloway Winter Wonderland)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RS makes a Jellyfish–which she accidentally calls an octopus because we are a very-octopus friendly people apparently, and can’t stop making octopuses and their Cnidarian cousins.








TK makes a Scottish flag coaster and gets her shell cowl done!

Brainy Moments

Moral: Don’t make decisions at night.

Shiny (20:22)

New bracelet, and a cute stitch-marker holder! TK’s stoked but it can’t compare to the fact that:
RS gets a wedding ring designed by Jorge Revilla from ZFolio!

Hyperventilate (26:14)

TK is geeking out about the possibility of a Constantine TV show and RS is watching lots of House.

Books to Stick Your Nose In (30:45)

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
Baskets and…Tchotchke Baskets? (It’s a hard title to translate to English, sorry!) かごとかご雑貨

I Spy (36:08)

RS has a fun time seeing her students get excited over animals, and wishes for TK’s Hawks In Flight book (second edition.)  It’s an awesome book! 100% recommended. She also sees some kind of swallows.

TK sees cute House Sparrows, Mockingbirds, a crow, Brewers Blackbirds and Grackles, which we’ve included links to since they can look similar, although their behavior and calls can help you ID them, and the presence of female BB’s can also help. 😉 Look for a wedge-y tail!

Ear Party (40:19)

TK tries out the music blog and finds singer/songwriter Lykke Li, listens to the Meat Puppets, and Peggy Lee, with I Don’t Know Enough About You

RS listens to singer/songwriter Heather Combs
TK introduces RS to DailyMotion, a French video-sharing website like YouTube

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (45:30)

TK gardens 3 times, but gets no walks in.

RS goes to yoga and gets to do shoulder-stands! She bikes! She walks!

Random Remnants (48:45)

RS signs up for another vegetarian cooking class.

TK hears of a good vegan chocolate cake recipe from @AstroKatie, if you’d like it, drop us a note.  (We don’t have permission to share it on our blog.)

RS meets a textile designer, makes friends and gets propositioned to knit for her. RS ponders it.

We send out our condolences to the Weasley Sisters, who’ve just lost their mom.  What a tough time! Our hearts and thoughts are with them.
If you’d like to get involved with some way of supporting them, you can message your nest leader in Slytherin or just drop by their Rav page and leave your condolences there. ❤

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Podcast – Episode 002 – Mysterious pieces: No extra charge!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 2 <Click here to listen to the show.

Show notes!

Our sound is a little bit mal-synced from our video, so if you’re watching along, sorry!

Projects of the Moment–WIPs Progress Report

Tiny Kiwi is hating Crocodile stitch phone cosy in Disney Princess color, so she’s sending it to Rambunctious Sky

Jane hat progress!

Horribly long tab beginning on Fibonerdy OWL=tedium! Advice is to not do it in black, if you’d like to actually pick up the stitches properly. Learn from TK’s mistakes!

RS shows off her Berroco Linsey linen & cotton yarn in a suspiciously tweedy color. It’s multiple-colored plys though! Don’t get any tweedy ideas.

We talk scientific endeavor–washing linen–Does it really make it softer? Inquiring minds refuse to take word of mouth and must find out for themselves, apparently. (TK tries to connive RS into giving her the yarn instead, as is her way.)
RS us using this yarn to make the Gemini pullover pattern (free on Knitty). It’s a top down raglan style t-shirt.

TK’s mission debacle news…TK goes for adding on crochet socks to her mission proposal (footy knit socks as a backup!)

RS’s OWL news: She shows off a swatch, learns DK weight yarn is not Aran, (don’t get so excited about pretty yarn you’re buying online that you forget to check the weight!) so she has to pick a different pattern.
RS finally makes gauge on a tiny inch of swatch so TK advises, “You need to make a bigger swatch, Madam!” Maths ensue~! So much maths!


TK’s magical Candy Mug cosy

Strange noises? RS’s partner is rollerblading in the kitchen!

RS’s swatch into hat got done! Sadly, it won’t be for detention points, but at least it’s done. Yey for getting WIPs done!

Things to Hyperventilate Over (18:30)

RS talks about her opera appreciation class. (No homework!)

We discuss how everyone in RS’s class is a senior citizen, as is usual for most of our hobbies.

Puccini’s Turandot and heartbreaking arias

Adventures in Editing! When we talk face to face, we are often talking a mile-a-minute and finish each other’s sentences as we’re so often on the same page. It tends to freak people out a little, and is harder to do on Skype. We’re working on it! Ha ha!

TK shows off the Nautilus shell earrings she got at the artist’s co-op on Molokai, Hawaii.  If you happen to go to Molokai, check ’em out! Help support independent artists, and art in the schools. 🙂

RS ties the nautilus shells into her Sashiko pattern, as it reminds her of fractals in tree branches

TK discusses her fear of RS’s yarn being too 80s

Books ta stick your nose in!

TK starts and finishes the Annotated Northanger Abbey discussed in last week’s podcast. TK discusses her love of Jane Austen, Mr. Tilney, and historical writing. But mostly Mr. Tilney.

RS admits that she might not have as much Jane Austen street cred as TK, and TK admits she’s a a pretty big fan of JA.

TK rants about authors who write Austen sequels poorly, but still solicits information on any sequels that can properly capture the tone of the times.

TK also talks about Patricia Briggs’ “Mercy Thompson” series of were-coyote brain-fluff, if you like supernatural novels that are quick reads.

RS cries over reading Bridges of Madison County, but still recommends it. It’s so realistic that National Geographic apparently gets inquiries about the imaginary man who worked for them. Spoiler alert! He’s a man of fiction! Sigh! All the good men are.

TK re-reads To Kill A Mockingbird, and dislikes it all over again. It’s a good book, but sad and TK isn’t into sad books.

Shiny! New and new-to-us things to show off

RS gets an interchangeable set of needles (sizes 4-11) from KnitPicks…and loves them! Color is Caspian…aka GREEN! Green for SLYTHERIN! Comes with mysterious pieces, no extra charge!!

TK tries hard to convert RS to SLYTHERIN

Yarn! It’s not cotton candy, sadly. ;_;

RS’s new blue yarn/thread intended for making snowflake ornaments. From Daiso.

The Creative Reuse place provides crochet hooks…only 50 cents a piece! No takesy backsies!

TK suggests Stainless Steel welding rods instead of blocking wires, but hasn’t tried yet. It’s **supposed** to be cheaper! RS says she’s used beading wire previously

RS talks using the snowflakes for homework projects, especially for next month.

More OWL talk! A corkscrew of misery!

Brainy Moments–How To, tips & tricks (46:50)

We talk tensioning yarn, and changes we’ve made to lessen pain and hand problems, while increasing tension, without excessive wraps that get stuck on our sweaty hands!

Hand problems are serious! Try different things! You can teach yourself new ways, even if it takes brain power to get there! Take care of your hands. ❤

Hand stretches are great! Do em! ❤ Tangental sisters strike again~!


I Spy: Nature Lovers’ Segment

Slightly Off Topic: Mariachi music training from Jose Hernandez Mariachi Sol de Mexico, who trained them for two days in Mariachi music…

…so RS got to see a natural garden outside a school, where she saw a hummingbird

TK isn’t taken in by supposedly a “cute” hummingbird. She reminds people they are vicious and go for the jugular. They’re cute to get away with their viciousness! (It should be noted that TK isn’t a professional.)
RS also sees one small mystery bird…perhaps a phoebe?

TK hears two birds, but can’t spot them–a Hummingbird, and a Mockingbird, and reminisces about when Mockingbirds didn’t sound like car alarms (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.)

Music of the Moment

TK’s been listening to Nina Simone, here’s a link to one song on YouTube: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

RS talks about Bill Robinson in the children’s book Rap a Tap Tap
Bill Robinson/Bo Jangles=best tap dancer ever?!?
He was in the movie Stormy weather, with a song by a New Orleans minstrel band which gets stuck in RS’s head after the 6th viewing.

Phew! Thanks for joining us~! See you next time!