Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 41

Are we recording yet?

TinyKiwi took out a WIP from her stash of WIPs to work on during an early Thanksgiving dinner. It’s a green and beige random striped Slytherin scarf. We talk about the options to fix a curling scarf. Rambunctiousky mentions Tech Knitter’s series of posts on fixing curling scarves.

TinyKiwi is a good friend and blocks a scarf for said friend.

TinyKiwi talks about a phone/tablet game for crazy cat ladies like us to collect cats! Hee hee!

Proving our crazy cat lady status, Rambunctiousky talks about her cat Timber’s art installations.


Sisters of the Holy Fiber – RETURN

We return to videocasting using Google Hangouts. So far, so cast-y!

TiniKiwi starts off the episode with show and tell of some fabulous loopy fun furry booties.

Rambunctiousky starts Projects of the Moment with her purple cabled socks. The pattern is Sam from Cookie A’s book Sock Innovation.

She then jumps into Finished Objects with her gray polka dot and pink pillows. Oh wait, maybe they’re still WIPs…

Rambunctiousky then shows her school pictures.

TinyKiwi shares her friend’s zigzag scarf (don’t know the pattern).

We talk about weaving in ends as you knit and the virtues of being such a virtuous knitter.

The tangents part of the episode gets started when Rambunctiousky talks about all the things her students are doing.


Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 6 – Strangers in the Night

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 6 <Click here to listen to audio only.

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report (0:25)

Tiny Kiwi goes ahead and starts her “wacky knee warmers” project, which she thinks is going to be an octopus for one knee, and fish for the other, but as she’s winging it–we’ll see! Also, progress is made on her Fibonerdy shawl. The colors are working well together! Phew! Mad cackling  ensues, but that might be because TK is part mad-scientist.

TK also talks about an on-going paper-cutting project (there really needs to be a better term for this craft! (In fact, there are several nicer-sounding words, but they’re all in other languages! (and pretty much mean the same as paper-cutting!)(Parenthesis in parenthesis! (Oh the humanity!)))) TK likes annoying language formalists, even though she’s an amateur linguist. ❤  What is language for but to bend to our will?

Moving on!

Rambunctious Sky is plugging away on her Sashiko cardigan. The back is knit and a good portion of the front right side. RS is a knitting machine! She also talks about the saggy nature of silk, and the benefits of working things in pieces. We discuss options for knitted toys for a baby shower.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects! (8:50)

TK finally shows off her Mullein Leaves Phone Cosy–even though it was finished a few weeks ago–as she promptly lost it in a purse! It was an experiment in crocodile stitch, and needs a few more incarnations before TK will really like it, so she’s sending it off to RS!

Hyperventilate! (10:12)

TK talks about two blogs she recommends: The Tearoom of Despair–mostly comic and movie reviews
& Hermione’s Garden (Although it doesn’t appear to update anymore, sadly!) which is one person’s look at herbs, their past, and their uses.  TK is mostly stuck on the idea, more than the execution.

RS geeks out about the GoodReader app for iPad, which she uses to mark up her knitting patterns. The app allows you to write on and mark up pdfs using text, highlighting, boxes, arrows, note tabs, lines, and more. Good for teachers, knitters, or those who just like to deface their own PDFs! Wooo!

Books to Stick Your Nose In (17:25)

TK recommends the aptly, if succinctly, named Tropicals by Gordan Courtright, a book on tropical plants that are used in landscaping, & the New Zealand comic series Footrot Flats by Murray Ball, which is a favorite in our family.

RS talks more about the contents of The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, and we note the parallels between the short story in that and Fahrenheit 451.

Brainy Moments (26:08)

Link to a Chinese paper cutting of a bird, similar to what TK mentioned

TK makes a bamboo pressing tool to help her in her paper crafting

RS talks about the modifications she’s made on the selvage edges of her Sashiko, so that they seam up nicer.  She re-asserts it’s OK to modify your patterns!

We also talk about how TK calls RS in the midnight hour when she’s panicking about a dropped or missing stitch or something.  A true story, or as TK says, “Tru Fax.”

I Spy (33:36)

RS is visited by an Oak Titmouse, and laughs at her cat chit-chattering at it. We also get a cameo from RS’s other cat, Sweetie, who has perfected the “not-amused” look that Timber is an amateur at, comparatively. Sweetie’s the little old lady of the cat world. ❤

TK talks about the adult raccoon she saw, and her part-time-lover/time-share cat of her landlord, Felix.  If you ever hear her talk about “my old man,” she’s not talking about her boyfriend, she’s talking about her borrowed cat. They’ve been friends for 15+ years, so they have a lot of history. ❤

Ear Party (38:08)

TK listens to Dry & Dusty by Fever Ray, and pretty much loves all of Karin  Dreijer Andersson’s work, both independently in Fever Ray, and in the duo The Knife, which is her and her brother.

RS recommends the Downcast app, for managing your podcasts and making playlists, & recommends the podcast

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (43:27)

TK only meets her minimum goal, with 4 walks this week. It’s been a schlub-y week.

RS gets in her two, despite (finally!) recovering from illness. Yay!

Aaaand we accidentally move on to…
Random Remnants! (44:33)

We laugh at a “modern” take on Mozart’s Cosi Fan Tutte

TK reviews the purple ORLY nailpolish… color is Elizabeth #534…beautiful color, but chips easy at the tips of her fingers.  Holding up pretty well on toes, though.

RS talks about the spinach soup she made out of the vegetarian cookbook The New Moosewood Cookbook by Mollie Katzen …TK suggests possibly adding konbu seaweed.

And that’s all for this week, folks! Thanks for joining us!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 5- She’s Got Craziness

Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 5- She’s Got Craziness <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report (1:00)

Tiny Kiwi is still doggedly plugging away at her Fibonerdy Shawl.  In addition, she sets up a small counted cross-stitch pattern by Textile Heritage Collection to begin working on.

Rambunctious  Sky is working on her Sashiko Cardigan and thinking about casting on a pair of socks.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RS made the Crystal Peak Snowflake by Deborah Atkinson which is published on her snowflake-a-licious Snowcatcher blog. She also made two smaller snowflakes by ending on early rounds. The thread is Daiso Cotton Lace Yarn #20 in Marine Blue.


She’s also finished her Gemini shirt! Needs blocking. It  has a slip stitch edging added around the collar to keep it from rolling.  What a good idea!

We talk about RS’s tragic-for-her, fantastic-for me, sweater that sadly/happily fits TK better.  More news on that when it’s out of time-out.

Books ta stick yur nose in:

TK rereads a few favorites:
The Annotated Persuasion by Jane Austen,  annotations by David Shapard; &
The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night Time by Mark Haddon

RS finds an old copy of The Illustrated Man by Ray Bradbury, and TK geeks out about the old cover art.

Brainy Moments-How to: Tips and Tricks

RS used a technique for a better stockinette to ribbing join, learned from the TECH Knitter blog. She also tried TECH Knitter’s Method 3 for dealing with the final stitch of the chain bind off row, but was unsatisfied with how it looks in ribbing.

RS also took a video of how she did the slip stitch crochet edging on her Gemini:

TK shows how she organizes her embroidery thread snippets on a piece of foam, pinning everything to keep it in place.  She also uses the same piece of foam for needle felting, blocking small knit pieces, and keeping her macrame threads organized while she works.

Use pins with large heads, place them close, and your threads won’t wander

I Spy: Nature Lover’s Segment

TK is still complaining that everyone has apparently missed the “It’s still winter!” memo, and is happily peeping and beeping away, nesting and getting ready for spring.  She also went out and bought a hummingbird feeder for our dad (since he likes hummingbirds…there’s no accounting for taste), so hopefully we’ll tell you how well it works in a few weeks.

Ear Party

TK has Lorde‘s song Team stuck in her head, but recommends checking out the rest of her stuff if you’ve only heard Royals so far, as it’s all great.  She also rocks some great Hermione Hair! (How can that be bad?!)
We’ll leave you with one last link to a live version of White Teeth Teens, as her live stuff is also awesome.

TK also tangents a bit and recommends Rookie Mag, a website by and for teenage girls.  If you are a teenage person, or know one, we recommend it.

RS listens to one of the albums of our youth: The Harder They Come soundtrack, and geeks out a little at Rene Flemming singing the national anthem.

Come on over and share what you’re listening to on our Ear Party thread in our SotHF Ravelry Page!  Music, books or podcasts–anything is fair game.

We also tangent a wee bit again (Us? Nooo!) and start trying to quote Mr. Bennet, with the correct line being, “For what do we live, but to make sport for our neighbours, and laugh at them in our turn?”

Walks in the Urban Wilderness

RS is still (still! STILL!) sick, so only walks once.  Until she gets better, her fitness goals are on hold and/or whatever she can manage.

TK meets her goals by walking 5 times.  (Her current goal is 4-7 x a week)

If you’d like to get more active, and see what got us going on our own fitness goals, check out The Weasley Sisters’ Podcast and their Cardio Knitting Challenge, for more details.

Random Remnants

TK reviews Wet n Wild’s Fastdry polish, color is SaGreena the Teenage Witch
…long story short…it’s bad, which is sad ’cause it’s a perfectly beautiful emerald/fig-beetle green.  For a full review listen to the podcast.

TK talks about other uses for nail polish, and talks about some art pieces by one of her old metal arts instructors, Michael Dale Bernard.  We don’t have permission to show his pieces here, so we’ve linked to one of the pieces that TK was talking about.  A lot of his stuff is for sale, so if you see something you like, contact him! His pierced work is amazing and it’s all by hand. (!!!)

We also talk about practical uses for small completed cross-stitch patterns, so if you have a different idea on how to utilize the small piece TK shows, drop us a note here, or on Ravelry! She’s very open to suggestions.

RS gives advice on how to carry yarn up the side of TK’s Fibonerdy shawl, since TK was nervous about messing it up.

And last but not least, a link to TK’s two-colored crochet Mulberry Hues Shell Scarf that she references when talking about carrying color along the side of your work.

That’s all for this week, and thanks for joining us!