Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 26- Tonka Truckin’

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Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi works on her light-blue rosary and (re-)designs some hair bows based on the ones from Nikki Trench’s Geek Chic Crochet.

She also has to do some maintenance on a handmade (not by her) purse.

RambunctiouSky works on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty available for free.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

TK makes a Tonka Truck Necklace with just a found object Tonka truck wheel and some ball chain. Easy peasy but loads of fun to play with! Zoom!

Brainy Moments (5:00)

TK uses a chisel to chip off the heads of rivets that attached the clip to a clipboard (after unsuccessfully trying to drill them forever.) Now she has a lovely strong particle board to carry her portable cutting mat around on for portable papercrafting!

TK also shows off a plier rack she made using a thick paint stir-stick and some scrap 2×4 that she sawed at a 45 degree angle. 6 nails later, and voila!

Heels by Number – RS used the V heel; this site is great for figuring out how many stitches you need for a heel!

Bug proofing yarn – a Ravelry search through the yarn forum, and we talk about all the ways we’ve heard of for dealing with bug problems in yarn.

I Spy (14:20)

RS goes camping. So relaxing! She spies stars! Like the kind in the sky. She also gets a chance to use the app where it shows you the constellations wherever you are. She also sees crows at school.

TK only sees a hawk by the highway.

Ear Party (16:34)

Noche Sueños by Mala

Weasley Sisters…We seriously love them. ❤ Check ’em out.

Random Remnants (18:20)

TK talks about maybe throwing some of her stuff into a craft show. We’ll see!

RS starts teaching again soon!

We talk about our KAL (Knit Along) with TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1. We’re offering the pattern as a prize if you go post in our Introduce Yourself thread in our Rav group or in the Ear Party thread, also in the Rav group. (If you’re not on Ravelry, that’s ok; drop us a comment here.)