Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 28- The Unexpected Book

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Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects (00:40)

TinyKiwi works on (no relation, other than we’re both small birds) TinyOwlKnits’s Unicorn Horn from the Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1 for our Knit ALong. She makes her own size 0 DPNs out of toothpicks and talks about using nail-polish on them… Which she later does.

Join us in our KAL of the CoMC Bracelet(s) which we’re running through to the end of November!

Post for a chance to WIN a “Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet” pattern (by TinyOwlKnits) from us through Ravelry–

by posting in our “Introductions” thread or the “Ear Party” thread in our SotHF Rav group, (or leaving a comment here if you don’t have a Ravelry account.)

We’re keeping the contest open until…Sept 15th, 2014! 11:59 pm (PST) so come post & enter!

[If you already own Charm packs 1,2, and 3, then RS will gift you an equal value pattern from your wish-list.]

TinyKiwi gets further along on her “Follow the Spiders” hat.

RambunctiouSky works more on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty (available for free,) but has to wait to take measurements.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s  a F.O.!

Pieces of Eight mitts are finished! It’s a free pattern, but it’s not entirely clearly written so RS re-wrote the pattern. All things considered, RS likes the pattern and plans to make more.

TK does an un-paid advertisement for Dip Dabs, and wishes she’d get a sponsorship from them, just so that she could get free Dip Dabs. ❤

Brainy Moments (10:24)

RS talks about grafting and when you can avoid Kitchener Stitch grafting (because that produces stockinette stitch).  We talk about the value of practicing grafting to overcome fear.

Hyperventilate (14:46)

TK talks about the joy of finding a snippet of Colin Firth at the end of an old version of The Secret Garden (1987) that she watched as a kid. Colin Firth ~swoon~ Mister Yummy Man himself. God he looks so young! It’s available on YouTube at the moment if you care to take a gander.

TK also finds the addictive blog:

RS finds and becomes addicted to David Attenborough’s documentaries to knit along with.

We talk about weird bird habits.

Shiny (and Books) (19:24)

TK gets the book Landscape Plants For California Gardens: An Illustrated Reference of Plants for California Landscapes by Bob Perry, and loves it. #DontTellTheBoyfriendIBoughtIt is becoming my new favorite hashtag, apparently.

RS has a shiny new cardigan!

She also checks out Colorless Tsukuru Tazaki and His Years of Pilgrimage: A Novel by Haruki Murakami from her local library, and reads it in two days.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness with a hint of I Spy (28:04)

RS goes for a hike, and visits a botanic garden in her area (and learns about Coast Live Oaks!) Lizards.

[TK needs texts from RS to put on sunscreen, and RS needs texts from TK to walk more. New goals!]

TK wears out her feet running around at a temp job, and gets to garden with Ginger (white and yellow flowered varieties,) Red Zonal Pelargoniums (aka Geraniums). She gets her regular day of gardening in, plus one extra, and one hard hot day of setting up tables in the sun, followed by 8 hours at the temp job the next day. If she had a goal for steps, she’d have met it!  She also sees boths Anna’s and Allen’s Hummingbirds.

Sorry of all the noise on TK’s end. The boyfriend was too busy making food to be quiet, and she kindly didn’t want him to starve while waiting.

TK tries to face her fear of Grasshoppers (and anything that looks like one) by picking them up and feeding them to chickens.
She also sees the cutest jumping spider! It looked like a gold spray-painted jewel.

RS remembers she finally saw a spider in the web tornado it’s built.

Ear Party (39:11)

RS talks about Feminist Lesbian Stand-Up Comedy show called Put Your Hands Together run by Cameron Esposito? Ask RS for more info and Wam Bam Pow! podcast

TK once again touts the virtues of The Weasley Sisters’ Podcast, ❤ listens to a few books on tape, Keith Urban, and “Archie Powell and the Exports”.

Random Remnants (44:40)

TK talks about taking apart our Grandparents’ old Automatic Stereophonic Solid-State “Portable” Magnavox Record Player. (Plays up to 6 records! No tubes to service!)

The sound tanks a bit here until the microwave turns off. Dang you SKYYYYYPE!

RS lines a bag she made TK and mails it out to her! Sneaky presents!

RS waaaades through boxes of family photos, and plants Gardenias.

We go over the contest rules and talk about the KAL.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 27- Mitts for Andre the Giant

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Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report & Finished Objects (00:40)

TinyKiwi needs to take apart and re-sew some little flowers onto hair clips.

TK finishes her first ever washcloth and finishes the loofah scrubber for detention. A sweatband just needs a button to be ready, and some super-shiny bows are ready to go!

She also starts a hat she’s going to call her “Follow the Spiders” hat, and begins to gather her supplies for the KAL!

RambunctiouSky finishes the Stag Antler for our TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1 KAL

Join us! Post for a chance to WIN the pattern from us through Ravelry by posting in our Introductions thread or the Ear Party thread in our SotHF Rav group.

RS works more on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty (available for free,) but has to wait to take measurements.

She also starts Pieces of Eight mitts, another free pattern, but it’s not entirely clearly written so check other people’s Rav notes before you start.

We talk more about our plans for the KAL (Knit Along) with TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1. We’re offering the pattern as a prize if you go post in our Introduce Yourself thread in our Rav group or in the Ear Party thread, also in the Rav group. (If you’re not on Ravelry, that’s ok; drop us a comment here.) Note: We changed the date to a later date since we only got a chance to post to YouTube and not to Rav or our blog. Contest is still going on!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 26- Tonka Truckin’

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Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi works on her light-blue rosary and (re-)designs some hair bows based on the ones from Nikki Trench’s Geek Chic Crochet.

She also has to do some maintenance on a handmade (not by her) purse.

RambunctiouSky works on her Knitmore Girls Vanilla Socks by Jasmin Canty available for free.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

TK makes a Tonka Truck Necklace with just a found object Tonka truck wheel and some ball chain. Easy peasy but loads of fun to play with! Zoom!

Brainy Moments (5:00)

TK uses a chisel to chip off the heads of rivets that attached the clip to a clipboard (after unsuccessfully trying to drill them forever.) Now she has a lovely strong particle board to carry her portable cutting mat around on for portable papercrafting!

TK also shows off a plier rack she made using a thick paint stir-stick and some scrap 2×4 that she sawed at a 45 degree angle. 6 nails later, and voila!

Heels by Number – RS used the V heel; this site is great for figuring out how many stitches you need for a heel!

Bug proofing yarn – a Ravelry search through the yarn forum, and we talk about all the ways we’ve heard of for dealing with bug problems in yarn.

I Spy (14:20)

RS goes camping. So relaxing! She spies stars! Like the kind in the sky. She also gets a chance to use the app where it shows you the constellations wherever you are. She also sees crows at school.

TK only sees a hawk by the highway.

Ear Party (16:34)

Noche Sueños by Mala

Weasley Sisters…We seriously love them. ❤ Check ’em out.

Random Remnants (18:20)

TK talks about maybe throwing some of her stuff into a craft show. We’ll see!

RS starts teaching again soon!

We talk about our KAL (Knit Along) with TinyOwlKnits’s Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet #1. We’re offering the pattern as a prize if you go post in our Introduce Yourself thread in our Rav group or in the Ear Party thread, also in the Rav group. (If you’re not on Ravelry, that’s ok; drop us a comment here.)

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 25

(We are working on a new place to store our audio. We won’t update in iTunes until we resolve this. Your patience is requested! Also, if this is a feature you use, please let us know; your feedback is important.)

Sorry for the sound of wind! TK forgot to turn the fan off! -_-;

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi has almost finished a scrubby washcloth–she’s keeping the ends to weave in for detention next month, or it’d already be done.  It’s based on a nubby flower block out of 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet by Betty Barnden.
She also works on Miss Jane’s Hat by Heide Petroski. Almost there with the cabled band (hopefully!)

TK works on another rosary, this time with slightly better beads!

RambunctiouSky rips out Terri’s (new) socks and re-casts on in a smaller size.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RambunctiouSky is a fount of finished objects, but most importantly she’s finished her Evenstar Shawl! Huzzah!

Origami Place Card written and pictorial directions

RS’s tutorial of how to make the origami place card

RS also made vases out of regular food jars and canning jars by hot gluing a strip of ribbon around the rim with a button accent. She made colorful votive candle holders by gently scuffing the candle holders with sand paper, wrapping in rubber bands, spray painting, and then taking off the rubber bands. Pretty!

Tip! Spray paint is much cheaper at home-improvement stores than at the craft stores–only problem is color selection is isn’t always as extensive.

Brainy Moments (17:32)

RS talks getting the kink out of frogged (re-used) yarn.

RS uses Jeny’s Stretchy Slip Knot Cast-On when re-casting on Socks for Terri.

TK shows how she makes “master-keys” out of eye-pins so she can cut wire to the same length every time while she’s beading.

Hyperventilate (24:50)

RS’s partner is playing through Zelda without a sword.  We also talk about how we enjoy watching people play video games while we craft.

Shiny (26:54)

TK goes on a crazy bead buying spree–so much cuteness.  She ponders making an H.R. Giger Alien-head necklace. Anyone got a spare Alien head?

TK also showcases her “don’t-tell-the-boyfriend-how-much-I-spent” shiny: new skates from SureGrip! Atom wheels! Avenger plates!

RS got new T-pins to block the shawl and a curling iron to make pretty hair.

I Spy (39:28)

RS visits a botanic garden, enjoys a docent lead tour and learns about how hummingbirds always have food throughout the year, as there is always something red blooming. Also, bumblebees! She’s also is going camping later today and expects to have something good to report next week.

TK sees (and loves) Turkey Vultures. Hawk of some sort. Agave? *sigh*

Books to Stick Your Nose In (42:52)

RS has had no time for reading due to above wedding crafting, but is going to re-read Slow River by Nicola Griffith. She bought it off of Better World Books, a good alternative to Amazon, that participates in humanitarian efforts. Check ’em out!

RS also buys new bowls and plates (extra belated shiny!)

TK borrows a book by Nicky Epstein called Knitted Embellishments and talks about all the unexpected fun she’s learned you can have with I-cord. She’s particularly interested in the Celtic knots made of I-cord…

Ear Party (47:42)

TK again enumerates the joys of pop-artist Sia.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (49:40)

RS has been wedding-focused, so everything took a back burner to that, except the one walk in the botanic garden.

TK walks and gardens and skates (sorta) but has back-slid a little herself.

Random Remnants (51:30)

More placecards!

InkScape is like Photoshop but it’s freeee! has the Mathilde Font that everyone thought was hand-written by RS!

We are also planning a KNIT ALONG! Care of Magical Creatures Bracelet #1 by TinyOwlKnits, so feel free to join us.  We’re hoping to start the 1st of September. Hopefully? Yes! No hoping, it’s happening!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 18- Be Kind, Rewind!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 18 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

RambunctiouSky plugs away at her Evenstar Shawl

TinyKiwi makes only a smidgeon of progress on her knitted slouchy hat.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

Nothing this week!

Brainy Moments

In which we make more empty promises about buttonhole and tatting tutorials. We’ll get there~!

Shiny (4:23)

TK shows off her Slytherinish-colored fan.

RS shows off the second ball of color that she’s using for her Evenstar, and gives a quick brainy moment about blending in the color transition when switching between your gradient yarns.

Hyperventilate (10:16)

RS talks about Papercraft Dioramas by Davy and Kristin McGuire!

TK mentions the papercraft version of Howl’s Moving Castle, with a time-lapse video of the guy making it, and RS mentions a lifesize elephant origami made by artist Sipho Mabona.

RS looks forward to playing the old-school version of Zelda. Huzzah!

Books to Stick Your Nose In (14:50)

TK shows some thread crochet designs in the book:
( かぎ針で編む花レース ) トゥーオヤのアクセサリー

(Flower Lace Crochet) Turkish Oya Lace Accessories

RS ponders a trip to the Cliffs of Insanity, and thinks about beading the edge of her Evenstar.

I Spy (21:50)

RS sees dolphins! Pods and pods of dolphins and pelicans.  Apparently, there was a whale to see, but RS didn’t.

TK reports that her resident Mockingbird has picked up an agitated Blue Jay call to his car-alarm remix, and TK has also seen a Phoebe, but that’s all there is to report.

We squee over and talk about its ability to make a bad day better. ❤

Ear Party (27:03)

TK geeks out about Chromeo coming out with a new album White Women and listens to their single Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

RS talks about how Ani DiFranco’s Living In Clip album is good angry-girl music to clean the house to.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (31:42)

RS plays bocci ball, but othewise misses her goals.
TK gets a long day of gardening one day, and gardens 2 extra times, but gets no walks in.

Princess Sweetie Cat appearance! We’re so humbled, Your Highness!

Random Remnants (34:24)

TK geeks out about Grumpy Cat and the Pout Pout Fish (her spirit animals.)

Fava beans! Who knew they were so difficult to find?! That and Pigeon Peas (guandu.) Thanks for the help produce guy! Falafel ensued! It’s TK’s (third) favorite food!

We (re-)geek out on TinyOwlKnits’ Care of Magical Creatures charm bracelets. Adorbs! Check em out, buy the patterns on Ravelry.

RS ponders making her own stitch markers.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Podcast–Episode 3–Those Wily Montagu’s!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode3- Those Wily Montagu’s <Click to listen to audio only!

The sound and video are sometimes mal-synced again as we’ve been having some persistent technical issues. We’re working on it, so thanks for bearing with us! ❤ We’re hoping to have it all ironed out by next episode.

Projects of the Moment: WIPS Progress Report
Tiny Kiwi has made no progress on her OWL shawl or BROOM hat+socks. It’s shameful!  The Fibonerdy Shawl by Kourtney Robinson is based on Fibonacci’s number(s), so extra mathematical geek points if TK ever gets to it.
TK clarifies her Miss Jane’s Hat is not Jayne’s Hat, but hopes you’ll love her anyway.  She’s still plugging away at it!  Made with Malabrigo Arroyo in Vaa, if you haven’t been listening in previously.  It’s a dream to work with! ❤

This is also the part where we plug the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry!  Fantastic group, fantastic people, and great for motivation.  Check ’em out.  The references to OWLs, BROOMs/Missions/Phoenix’s,  homework/classwork, and detention are all about that group.

As TK is a beginning knitter, she loves her Cast On, Bind Off book by Leslie Ann Bestor

Rambunctious Sky is still working on her Gemini pullover, pattern free through Knitty. She practices knitting in the dark so she can knit through her opera class during the movies parts.
She’s also eschewed more swatching and has finally cast on her Sashiko Sweater by Ellen Gill.

We talk about how it’s good to imagine how you’re going to finish a project, before you begin it.  RS learned this tidbit through knitter’s “finishing school”, TK learned this from her poor beleaguered metalsmithing teacher. (So sorry, Ms. B!)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane–It’s FOs! (11:34)

TK has cranked out the Catesby Three Hour Cowl for Quidditch’s Speed Trials, which actually took her about 5 hours, but she’s not complaining since it came out so swell.  It’s a crochet pattern where you crochet through the back of the stitch only to make the raised pattern.  She used Ton of Wool by Ms. Gusset, and feels that it just flies the the fingers!  Love the pattern & love the yarn!

Things to Hyperventilate Over (19:53)

RS has been addicted to playing Badland (a for-pay app for iPad) which has a cute little fluffy guy you’ve got to navigate through some beautiful environments while you keep ’em from all sorts of assorted doom.  By Frogmind an indie developer, so check ’em out! We totally don’t make any money from these endorsements, this really is just stuff we like (and are addicted to.)

(22:28) TK talks nail art, and expounds about the new things she’s found while on the quest for the perfect Slytherin nails (and the prefect green!)

Sinful Colors nail polish in Calypso (1181) is a lovely deep, deep green (almost green-blue) and is holding up well on TK’s toes.  Only one coat needed, but TK slathers it on thick the first time! 🙂
TK also tries “i ❤ Nail Art” pen in fine Pearly White (360) color, by Sally Hansen, and likes it, but it produces thicker lines than she’d hoped for.  Might be great for doing french tips easier though, and unlike markers it uses real nail polish.  Holds up ok, but has worn away quicker than the Sinful colors.

Photo colors aren’t true, so I tried to get the block behind the text to be the same color, but who knows if it worked?! Computer colors drive me batty anyway.

We talk about the tiny crochet polar bear going around, made by Kim Lapsley.  It’s sooo tiny and adorable, so check out her Pinterest page that we’ve linked to find the bear and others of her work.

We also talk about Tiny Owl Knits’s small knit charm bracelet patterns. They are also super cute! Her website is here.

Lastly, TK geeks out about a new flavor of tea she’s found from Lupicia Fresh Tea, (link is to the U.S. store) called Tsugaru Green. Delicious!  The taste of apple is a refreshing addition to the green tea, and the aroma is sweet and inviting.

TK confesses to breaking out in song with little provocation.  Is she perhaps convinced that her life is secretly a musical?!? Time will tell.

Books ta stick your nose in (31:53)

The Life and Selected Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
She’s so sassy!

Shiny! (34:59)

In which TK extols the virtues of new (used) boots for a myriad of costuming options.

Brainy Moments–How To: Tips and Tricks (36:03)

RS discusses the increases in Gemini…she doubted, but then was reassured by her housemates.  She also made an adjustment by casting on 4 extra stitches underneath the arms.  It worked!

TK shares a tip for the (digital) industrial driers at the laundromat…Hold down the power button at the same time that you hold down the temperature setting button, and the temperature of the drier will display!  Let us know if it works for you!

TK asks RS what she uses to wash her delicate knitwear–she uses Soak (Aquae), so TK may get some as she’s finally making a few not-machine-washable things and needs a solution. (Cue the highhat.)

I Spy: Nature lover’s segment (45:40)

RS sees her first snake in the wild! SO exciting! TK squees, but that’s ’cause she loves snakes.  TK recommends the coffee-table book of snakes called Serpentine by Mark Laita, as it contains beautiful photographs.

TK tries once more in vain to catch her fly-by hummingbird, but no success.  She also bemoans the fact that all the animals think winter is over and have begun their mating routines, including the Mourning Doves and Mockingbirds.  She wants more “winter.” People who have real winter must surely mock her, but she stands firm.

Musical Menagerie (51:56)

RS demonstrates the free app called The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, very useful for music teachers (or those wishing to enhance their child’s musical knowledge.)

TK shares two very relaxing YouTube links that she likes:
11 Hours of Tranquil Birdsong
10 Hours of Rain on a Tin Roof

Random Remnants (55:12)

TK begs RS for fabric strips to make the zoori’s we talked about in a previous episode, but is denied since RS is planning a scrap rug!  Send me your tired, your forlorn, I mean your scraps.

We discuss joining something like the Weasley Sisters’ Cardio Knitting Challenge or starting up our own “Walks in the Urban Wilderness” fitness section, so we chat about what we could do, since we both need to get moving more.  Right now the goal for both of us is to get out and walk twice a week, so we’ll check back in next week.  We’re low-impact kinda gals!

Also, you can hop on over to the Weasley Sister’s Rav Group to follow along with their Cardio Knitting challenge, if you’d like to set fitness goals with the motivation of possibly winning sock yarn to spur you on. ❤

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for joining us!