Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 34- Monitor Issues & Reading Rainbow

“The Random Christmas Episode”

Reading Rainbow

RS – Plugging away on the Linen Stitch Scarf.

The Totoro Blanket has been finished and a pic with baby is now up on RS’s Rav.

Screen Apnea

The book RS was talking about is actually called Switch by Chip Heath and Dan Heath. Made to Stick is another book of theirs.

Video game talk abounds. RS talks about an iPad app which is actually called Highrise Heroes.

TK has been playing Drakengard on the PS2.

Best things about the holidays:
– Egg nog lattes
– Looking at the Christmas tree without your glasses on

TK is joansing to play Epic Mickey 2 for the Wii.

We discuss the pros and cons of signing up for Harry Potter Knit Crochet House Cup on Rav. We successfully talk each other into signing up again. 🙂

SotHF -Episode 30 – Mobius Unicorn…Mobiusicorn?

Another short epi! This is mostly just a progress check~!

RambunctiouSky works on her blanket! She likes pulling bits of hay from her yarn as she knits–what a weirdo! 😉 She also talks about the Totoro hoodie she intends to make.

TinyKiwi is wiped out from the weekend, and until she gets her projects back from a friend, she’s got nothing to show off, sadly.  She’s attempting fingerless mitts at the moment, but that project may not last…as at the end she discovers she’s accidentally made them into mobius mitts… *sigh*