Origami Place Card Tutorial Video


On a whim two nights before my wedding I decided I needed to make place cards. After some google searching around I found the Origami Place Card with Stand directions for free and decided to give it a go.

I really like the design of these place cards. They are relatively easy to make and they stand very well. I made the 38 I needed in a couple of hours. I feel that the directions are simple enough that, even if you don’t have origmai experience, you could make these.

The Origami Place Card makes a rectangular surface which you can decorate as you see fit. I printed my name cards using the Mathilde font (available for free) and glued them on. I see lots of possibilities for other ways you could decorate or otherwise label the front of the place card.



Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 24- Sticks of Fury

(We are working on a new place to store our audio. We won’t update in iTunes until we resolve this. Your patience is requested!)

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi has been working on her Miss Jane’s Hat by Heide Petroski. TK starts the FO section a little early showing us a rosary that she made while listening to the BBC radio program of Jane Eyre.

RambunctiouSky is exclusively working on the edging of her Evenstar Shawl! TK and the dapper Felix the cat remind us of the villain from the cartoon Inspector Gadget and RS sings the theme song.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RS made a pair of fingerless mitts for her Slytherin Swap partner and forgot to take a picture. TK forgot to post her finished project for a HPKCHC class. Oops. We mention SOS which stands for Student on Sabbatical. You can still turn things into classes, but you don’t earn points for any of the houses.

Brainy Moments

TK learned a lot about working with wire and beads from working on the rosary. Have questions? Please ask!

We discuss the possibility of an Etsy store and are inspired by the fact that we are actually doing the podcast thing!

RS says start your wedding shawl early! Don’t follow the procrastinating sisters!


RS got a really pretty purple cloth purse that is a perfect project bag/purse for the shawl.

TK did a little stash enhancement and acquired six small balls of fingering weight white cotton for free! We brainstorm possible projects including snowflakes or a lacy swimsuit coverup.


RS as super spoiled by her Slytherin Swap Partner. Thank you so much!

We might do a Care of Magical Creatures Charm Bracelet 1 knit-a-long!

RS tangents about knowing two words her mother didn’t know, woad and kerfuffle, something that has never happened before.

For the wedding, RS shows two batik dyed fabrics she will be using for table runners.

Books to Stick Your Nose In

TK finished Longbourn by Jo Baker, a novel written from the servant’s perspective of Pride and Prejudice, and Lexicon by Max Berry. Both are recommended!

RS has been having a summer reading session of queer books. She read Rubyfruit Jungle by Rita Mae Brown and My Education by Susan Choi. Both of these are also recommended!

TK also read the collection of really good but really sad stories called And the Mountains Echoed by Khaled Hosseini.

FO again!

TK shares the drawstring bag she crocheted to hold her measuring tape in her purse.

I Spy

TK saw a racoon!

RS saw many things in Hawaii including Red-crested cardinals, mynah birds, ginger flowers, fan palms, and geckos.

We talk insects, large spiders, and the facebook group Confessions of a Bug Addict.

Ear Party

RS is very excited to discover Brenda Dayne of Cast-On is podcasting again! Her current series is called Welsh for Rainbow. Here is a link to the Cast-On audio archive.

TK listens to a radio show of an abridged version of Jane Eyre produced by the BBC. TK is enjoying Lana Del Rey of the sad-core genre and describes it as good background music. She is addicted to the Bourban Princess Dark of Days album

Walks in the Urban Wilderness

TK has been walking and gardening.  RS went snorkeling!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 21- With Perserverance and a Back Ache

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 21 Audio <Click Here for Audio Only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TK continues working on the “Long Socks” from Geek Chic Crochet by Nicki Trench. She is modifying the pattern for her long narrow feet. In HPKCHC land, Dobby socks are the solution to the requirement that anything that normally comes in twos must be turned in as a pair. A Dobby pair of socks are a pair that don’t match. Sometimes people turn in one regular sized sock “paired” with a mini-sock. Or they knit two completely different adult sized socks.

RS dug out Sanguine Gryphon Bugga! yarn in a pretty jean blue purple colorway and is winding it for a sweater. She is thinking about making Leaving by Anne Hanson.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects! (11:09)

Moving right along…

Brainy Moments (11:31)

Buying things from de-stashes makes your stash lovely and then you want to make things from your stash. Knitting from stash makes you feel good. Use a lighter colored yarn when learning new techniques!

Hyperventilate (13:14)

TK is not excited about anything, except a tidy garden.

We catch up about how Zelda is going.

RS has started watching Orange is the New Black. (This show is NSFW and contains strong language and sexually explicit material.)

Shiny (16:30)

RS is very excited to find the Wii video game called Cooking Mama. Watch out for the pun!

RS’ once a month trip to Home Depot resulted in an impulse purchase of $.50 paint samples! She also bought some interlocking bricks to replace a gross piece of carpet. Sneaky FO!

Books (21:05)

TK is reading Speaker for the Dead by Orson Scott Card and is hoping she will make it through now that she is older. We talk about reading names and keeping them apart when there are lots of characters.

RS is reading Three Cups of Tea by Greg Mortenson and David Oliver Relin. Interesting read but not recommended unless you are particularly intrigued. RS may start a Harry Potter read along with her friend or just listen to them on her own.

TK remembers her nook books and has reread Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte. We geek out about learning new words and using them in everyday language. TK is intrigued by the idea of listening to the audio book version or reading an annotated version. (We’re secretly Ravenclaws!)

I Spy (33:30)

TK sees three phoebes, or is it only one that is following her around? Suspicious… TK learns a new plant name, Mahonia nevinii. The berries are edible! TK saw grouchy looking night herons. She also saw very pretty artichoke plants.

RS sees Felis domesticus and a baby Homo sapiens.

Ear Party (39:35)

RS goes to Amoeba Music Store. It is like going to music Mecca. She bought a bunch of used cds!

Bruce Springsteen – Born in the USA (Check out the Ear Party Thread for RS’ favorite track from this album!)
Brett Dennen – Hope for the Hopeless
Brian Eno – Another Green World
Tegan and Sara – So Jealous
Patsy Cline
Renee Flemming – Renee Flemming By Request
Renee Flemming – Great Opera Scenes
Soundtrack of the Lord of the Rings: the Fellowship of the Ring
Killers – Hot Fuss
Miles Davis – Kind of Blue
Stevie Wonder – Talking Book

Amoeba has many wonderful genre sections including a metal, classical, and classical vocalist sections.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (51:55)

TK hasn’t been doing well, but is on the mend! She got in two days at the historic gardens.

RS walked all over Disneyland and dug a hole with a little shovel.

Random Remnants (53:25)

RS has been exploring the thrift stores in her area and is excited about finding new shirts and shorts to wear. TK is not into the “new” styles that just remind her of M.C. Hammer pants.

Ear Party Deux (56:32)

TK is digging electronic music including Roksonix’s “2 Bad” and the song “Ragga Bomb” by Skrillex with the Ragga twins. Video is not for children or those who are easily frightened.  She also listens to the ska band, The Specials with a favorite being “A Message to You Rudy

Thanks for joining us this week!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 20- It’s a Concho

(Warning! There is a d@mn at 13:00. Skip over it as needed! We forgot to edit it out. 🙂 )

Audio link! <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

RS is not knitting anything!

TK has started lacy crochet socks called “Long Socks” from Geek Chic Crochet by Nicki Trench.

We delve into Brainy Moments (5:40) while discussing using the chart and written directions to clarify one or the other when confused.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects! (7:50)

TK has finished a very pretty blanket square block from 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet by Betty Barnden that reminds RS of a magicians hat.

Shiny (11:27)

RS went for a ride with her new shiny cycling shorts and it was much more comfortable than normal. 🙂

TK got purple lipstick! We are very purple this episode.

Ooops! There’s a d@mn at 13:00. Skip as needed!

Hyperventilate (14:20)

RS discovers the girl culture blog Autostradle. (Some articles can be NSFW). Article topics run the gamut from tech to fashion to tv to food.

RS brings up the development of the character House from the TV show of the same name and the changes in his personality in the second season. We also discuss how we enjoy shows that are predictable despite their predictability.

Books to Stick Your Nose In (18:16)

RS reads the dark teen fantasy novel Sabriel by Garth Nix.

TK wants to make all of the things in Sock Yarn Shawls by Jen Lucas and wonders about the wear-ability of wool lacy socks. She is particularly enamored of Briargate, Flower Garden, and Labyrinth.

I Spy (27:37)

RS has trouble making out the blurs when on her bike rides. TK sees all the things while at a duck pond including a swan, night herons, mallards, crows, and pigeons. RS saw swallow nests in the eaves of a school. She also saw a blue jay, heard a mocking bird, and saw a hummingbird going to its nest at her friend’s house. Phoebes are adorable with their little head crest.

Ear Party (32:25)

RS listens to the lesbian twin duo Tegan and Sara. TK digs all of Bourbon Princess’ Dark of Days and recommends “Super Girls Complaint.” TK listens to some of the vast collection of Depeche Mode as well.

RS goes to American style bar karaoke and has lots of fun! Sing what you want to sing at karaoke!

(Oops it’s short a row!)

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (27:09)

RS doesn’t walk or yoga, but does go on two bike rides. TK does some gardening, a bit of walking, and starts a regimen of wall push ups.

Random Remnants (38:07)

Isn’t that random.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 18- Be Kind, Rewind!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 18 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

RambunctiouSky plugs away at her Evenstar Shawl

TinyKiwi makes only a smidgeon of progress on her knitted slouchy hat.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

Nothing this week!

Brainy Moments

In which we make more empty promises about buttonhole and tatting tutorials. We’ll get there~!

Shiny (4:23)

TK shows off her Slytherinish-colored fan.

RS shows off the second ball of color that she’s using for her Evenstar, and gives a quick brainy moment about blending in the color transition when switching between your gradient yarns.

Hyperventilate (10:16)

RS talks about Papercraft Dioramas by Davy and Kristin McGuire!

TK mentions the papercraft version of Howl’s Moving Castle, with a time-lapse video of the guy making it, and RS mentions a lifesize elephant origami made by artist Sipho Mabona.

RS looks forward to playing the old-school version of Zelda. Huzzah!

Books to Stick Your Nose In (14:50)

TK shows some thread crochet designs in the book:
( かぎ針で編む花レース ) トゥーオヤのアクセサリー

(Flower Lace Crochet) Turkish Oya Lace Accessories

RS ponders a trip to the Cliffs of Insanity, and thinks about beading the edge of her Evenstar.

I Spy (21:50)

RS sees dolphins! Pods and pods of dolphins and pelicans.  Apparently, there was a whale to see, but RS didn’t.

TK reports that her resident Mockingbird has picked up an agitated Blue Jay call to his car-alarm remix, and TK has also seen a Phoebe, but that’s all there is to report.

We squee over CuteOverload.com and talk about its ability to make a bad day better. ❤

Ear Party (27:03)

TK geeks out about Chromeo coming out with a new album White Women and listens to their single Jealous (I Ain’t With It)

RS talks about how Ani DiFranco’s Living In Clip album is good angry-girl music to clean the house to.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (31:42)

RS plays bocci ball, but othewise misses her goals.
TK gets a long day of gardening one day, and gardens 2 extra times, but gets no walks in.

Princess Sweetie Cat appearance! We’re so humbled, Your Highness!

Random Remnants (34:24)

TK geeks out about Grumpy Cat and the Pout Pout Fish (her spirit animals.)

Fava beans! Who knew they were so difficult to find?! That and Pigeon Peas (guandu.) Thanks for the help produce guy! Falafel ensued! It’s TK’s (third) favorite food!

We (re-)geek out on TinyOwlKnits’ Care of Magical Creatures charm bracelets. Adorbs! Check em out, buy the patterns on Ravelry.

RS ponders making her own stitch markers.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 17- Stop Knitting and Go To Bed

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 17 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi works on a slouchy hat.  Complete with cranky boyfriend voice cameo!

RambunctiouSky works on her blanket panel, and is at chart 2 on the Evenstar Shawl (which she’s making from Eos yarn from The Unique Sheep in coloway Winter Wonderland)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RS makes a Jellyfish–which she accidentally calls an octopus because we are a very-octopus friendly people apparently, and can’t stop making octopuses and their Cnidarian cousins.








TK makes a Scottish flag coaster and gets her shell cowl done!

Brainy Moments

Moral: Don’t make decisions at night.

Shiny (20:22)

New bracelet, and a cute stitch-marker holder! TK’s stoked but it can’t compare to the fact that:
RS gets a wedding ring designed by Jorge Revilla from ZFolio!

Hyperventilate (26:14)

TK is geeking out about the possibility of a Constantine TV show and RS is watching lots of House.

Books to Stick Your Nose In (30:45)

The Name of the Rose by Umberto Eco
Baskets and…Tchotchke Baskets? (It’s a hard title to translate to English, sorry!) かごとかご雑貨

I Spy (36:08)

RS has a fun time seeing her students get excited over animals, and wishes for TK’s Hawks In Flight book (second edition.)  It’s an awesome book! 100% recommended. She also sees some kind of swallows.

TK sees cute House Sparrows, Mockingbirds, a crow, Brewers Blackbirds and Grackles, which we’ve included links to since they can look similar, although their behavior and calls can help you ID them, and the presence of female BB’s can also help. 😉 Look for a wedge-y tail!

Ear Party (40:19)

TK tries out the music blog Pitchfork.com and finds singer/songwriter Lykke Li, listens to the Meat Puppets, and Peggy Lee, with I Don’t Know Enough About You

RS listens to singer/songwriter Heather Combs
TK introduces RS to DailyMotion, a French video-sharing website like YouTube

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (45:30)

TK gardens 3 times, but gets no walks in.

RS goes to yoga and gets to do shoulder-stands! She bikes! She walks!

Random Remnants (48:45)

RS signs up for another vegetarian cooking class.

TK hears of a good vegan chocolate cake recipe from @AstroKatie, if you’d like it, drop us a note.  (We don’t have permission to share it on our blog.)

RS meets a textile designer, makes friends and gets propositioned to knit for her. RS ponders it.

We send out our condolences to the Weasley Sisters, who’ve just lost their mom.  What a tough time! Our hearts and thoughts are with them.
If you’d like to get involved with some way of supporting them, you can message your nest leader in Slytherin or just drop by their Rav page and leave your condolences there. ❤

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 16- We Dream Big in Slytherin

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 16 <Click here to listen to audio only.

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

TinyKiwi works on her no-longer-a-scarf now-it’s-a-cowl cowl and is happy at the thought of being almost done with this infinite WIP.
She also starts a Granny Rose Triangle out of the previously-mentioned 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet by Betty Barnden.

We plot a little and mention a bit more about our ever-ubiquitous love for the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.

RambunctiouSky casts on for her sampler/scarf blanket.

Here’s a handy link to the 300 Knit Patterns Book that RS mentions: 編みパターンブック300
(We mention a lot of Japanese books on our blog, sorry if your browser isn’t set up to handle the strange text!  Let us know if you’d prefer a Romanized version for readability. We just use a lot of Japanese books…)

RS talks about the Care of Magical Creatures class and what it…entails… (nyuk nyuk nyuk)

RS also swatches for her Evenstar Shawl, and we talk about her feelings on the Unique Sheep yarn (Eos 50 silk/50 merino in colorway Winter Wonderland)–survey says: super soft, more variegated than we’d hoped for (waaay more?) but the colors are still beautiful, it’s over-all lovely at a distance, so she’s still going for it (and it’s soft!)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

RS has a finished washcloth!

Brainy Moments (21:00)

Swaaaaatch. Swatch swatch swatch. (Do two repeats! Swaaaatch.)  That is all.

JOIN RAVERLY.COM! Oh my gosh it’s so great! If you’re a knitter or crocheter, this place is simply the best. (We only mention it because TK was recently reminded that some people still don’t know about Ravelry! Can you believe it?! Don’t worry, we’re here for you.)


TK has new books! Crochet Mania Handmade Bags
(Crochet) Hand and Wrist and Leg Warmers in Three Days
(We don’t have any affiliation to the two Etsy accounts linked above, so buy at your own risk. We have no idea who these people are.)

TK tries to remember Lily Chin’s name and talks about the reversible (knit) cables she’s got in her Power Cables book (which TK loves, as it was her first cables book…TK doesn’t start small.)

Hyperventilate (36:45)

TK geeks out on Jim Henson’s Creature Shop, rants about the SyFy name change, (so stupid! All I think of is Syphilis! What a bad connotation!) and wishes to see Heros of Cosplay

RS is excited that House is on Netflix now!

[Helicopter Solo!]

Books to Stick Your Nose In (41:37)

RS reads the English translation of Umberto Eco’s The Name of the Rose (which is also a movie with Sean Connery!)

TK makes progress on Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, which so far gets a “meh” rating, and talks about her disappointment with a previous book she’s read called The Light Between Oceans by M.L Stedman (Spoilers! It’s depressing. She doesn’t recommend it unless you like to read sad stories.)
This is the sad-story review section, apparently.

I Spy (45:42)

Mockingbirds, and a Phoebe are all TK sees, and nada for RS. It’s been hot!

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (47:15)

Speaking of which, TK only gets a half-day of gardening in, but has otherwise missed her exercise goals. “It’s hot,” she whines.

RS wanted to walk or bike to work instead of drive, but that didn’t quite happen again this week. But she got two walks in and a biking session with a friend, so we’ll still chalk it up to a successful week even if goals weren’t reached.

Ear Party(50:49)

TK listens to Pavel Josef Vejvanovsky who was the first Czech composer of Baroque instrumental music, and Trespassers William, an indie pop group with a sound similar to Portishead, only not so lo-fi.

RS listens to singer/songwriter Brett Dennen, and proceeds to be a cold, oh so cold person. 😛

Random Remnants (56:32 or thereabouts)

“Color-changing on crochet shells–I don’t recommend it!”

We talk about Quidditch projects and the Slytherin Dueling Club in the HPKCHC.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 15- Life is Full of WIPs

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 15 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report (0:37)

TinyKiwi works on one of her longest long-term WIPs–a colorwork crocheted shell scarf!  RambunctiouSky tries to convince her to make it into a cowl. TK also makes a smidge of progress on the stained-glass “swatch” (actaully wristers) she’s making based on the  Tracery Vest out of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine.

RS makes the ever-exciting washcloths! (Hey! Somebody’s got to!)

We talk break month, more O.W.L. plotting, the Hedwig Memorial Society in Slytherin, and other things to do with the craziness in the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.

SPOILER ALERT at (7:20) as we discuss some of who dies, on the very off chance you haven’t read the 6th or 7th Harry Potter books (or movies.)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects! (9:30)

TK finishes a small shuttle-tatted flower.

Brainy Moments (13:34)

RS talks about how the border for the Evenstar Shawl requires more of the color that’s to be used for the border section and The Unique Sheep makes it so!

TK plots to give a beginning tatting demo, but hasn’t figured out how to make it happen yet.

Shiny (15:55)

RS shows off her new hand-dyed 50% silk 50% merino gradient yarn in the Winter Wonderland colorway from the aforementioned Unique Sheep (we don’t get paid for this name dropping, people!) which she bought with the Evenstar Shawl pattern, as the yarn is one of the recommended choices listed in the pattern page.  RS talks about how the Evenstar Shawl is gigantic and needs a lot of heavy blocking, so the yarn choice for the pattern has to hold up to that need and if you decide you want to substitute your own yarn, keep that in mind.

Books to Stick Your Nose In (20:50)

Reads a smidge more of Orphan Train by Christina Baker, and re-reads The Tempest by William Shakespeare. Oh noes! It’s true! TK is an unashamed Shakespeare fan, and is probably one of the only people in her age group who can spell Shakespeare right on the first try. MacBeth has been her favorite ever since she was a wee child (she was a strange child.)  She also talks a little bit about the 75 Floral Blocks to Crochet by Betty Barnden that she’s talked about before.

RS reads Singing Games for Children by Denise Gagné, and sings a song game from it!

I Spy (28:16)

RS sees llamas in someone’s backyard while she was hiking.  We squee.
TK only sees the neighbor’s cat.

Ear Party (29:15)

TK listens to some EDM Trap by Baauer, notably Swerve, and gives a very brief overview on her understanding of the differences between Trap (Rap) and Trap (EDM/Electronic Dance Music) as genres of music.

RS listens to Meshell Ndegeocello (Sorry we butcher your beautiful name Meshell! which Wikipedia tells us is pronounced N-deh-gay-o-chel-o), and RS is listening to the album Weather

Walks in the Urban Wilderness (32:52)

TK gets her 9-5 gardening work-out in on Tuesday, and one extra session of gardening in, but has otherwise missed her exercise goals.

RS wanted to walk or bike to work more than she rode in the car to work, but that didn’t quite happen this week, but she still biked and walked and biked again, so she’s still doing great!

Random Remnants (A bit before 36:35)

RS and her S.O. sign up for CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) box and talks about what that is and how they’re using it.  They’re loving it, so tune in to find out more about it!

We talk again about fresh food. (Sorry we talk about it so much! We can’t help it! Apparently we just love fresh food!)  Then we talk about freezing bread to extend the shelf-life, especially for preservative-free breads.

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 14- Like a Laser in a Room Full of Mirrors

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Episode 14 <Click here to listen to audio only!

Projects of the Moment: WIPs Report

We talk plotting and all things to do with the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup on Ravelry.

TinyKiwi talks about the stained-glass “swatch” she’s making based on the  Tracery Vest out of the Unofficial Harry Potter Knits Magazine (which we love!)
She’s really making two of them as wristers for her friend, as she learns stranding/fair-isle and weaving techniques.

TK maintains that she hates floats, while Rambuntiousky looks on and laughs (but as RS hates pooling the same way TK hates floats, TK maintains that RS hasn’t got a leg to stand on.)

TK also references the book Very Easy Guide to Fair Isle Knitting by Lynne Watterson, which she likes but it joins the many other books that neglect to show how to weave in floats on a purl row (while knitting flat.)

RS maintains that the wool floats in her cardigan don’t snag (thanks to the properties of wool, most-likely) and talks about the snag-y ladders in her Clapotis pattern then shows off one of the new washcloths she’s knitting.

If you’ve been following along in previous episodes, you’ll know about TK’s Fibonerdy shawl, which she just got around to measuring and it’s–6 feet long–!

TK is all over the WIPs map and talks about her troubles picking up where she left off with Miss Jane’s Hat, and talks about the joys of tatting in public.

JAPANESE BOOK! We’ll get ya an isbn, eventually.

RS shows off a knitted purse that she’s now lining, that she made for TK–BEFORE RAVELRY PPL! Was there ever a time when we didn’t have Ravelry? The mind boggles.

RS decides on making the Evenstar Shawl for her wedding, and orders a gradient yarn for it from The Unique Sheep.

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane, It’s Finished Objects!

Ha ha! The joke’s on you, we never finish anything! Mwa ha ha haaaa!

Brainy Moments

-_- Apparently not.

Shiny (30:05)

TK shows off her new button, “Hi! I don’t remember your name either!”

Socially-awkward people unite! (Some other day!)

RS talks about a big shiny:  Novara Bike


“Moral of the story is: A book in the hand is worth two in the library. I don’t know if that’s a good moral, of if I just have craziness. 50/50 chances!”

Books to Stick Your Nose In (37:00)

Tk finishes Brain on Fire by Susannah Cahalan, which she liked and would recommend, but with one or two small caveats, and starts Orphan Train by Christina Baker

RS checks out the thrilling read: The Core Six, an essential book for her teaching  career, but c’man that title (and probably content) could use a little more pizazz.  She also talks about the book, which RS’s cat apparently has an opinion on, called Visible Learning for Teachers by John Hattie.

I Spy (45:45)

TK’s bird of prey taunts her and her horrible binocular-less vision while RS visits the meadow! (in your best Bambi voice) and sees bees, flowers, chipmunks and lizards

Ear Party (52:00ish)

RS goes on a music-buying spree and checks out Tristan Prettyman

TK breaks out her Fiona Apple and Robyn as they are good music to stomp around to.

Walks in the Urban Wilderness

TK gets her 9-5 gardening work-out in and meets her meditation goals.

RS doesn’t get in as much yoga as she’d hoped, but had a good time biking with a friend, and hopes the bike will open up the possibility of more exercise. She changes her goal to one session each of hike, bike, and yoga.

Random Remnants (58:57)

TK talks about whether or not she’ll do an OWL (a three-month-long project.)

RS starts a compost bin and worries about becoming a crazy lady who sweeps the sidewalk.

We talk again on the merits of eating fresh food, and discuss the joys of fresh homegrown tomatoes.  We agree that good ingredients are the key to both enjoyable food and enjoyable crafting.  Good yarn, good tomatoes–everything is possible with good ingredients!