Sisters of the Holy Fiber Podcast–Episode 3–Those Wily Montagu’s!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode3- Those Wily Montagu’s <Click to listen to audio only!

The sound and video are sometimes mal-synced again as we’ve been having some persistent technical issues. We’re working on it, so thanks for bearing with us! ❤ We’re hoping to have it all ironed out by next episode.

Projects of the Moment: WIPS Progress Report
Tiny Kiwi has made no progress on her OWL shawl or BROOM hat+socks. It’s shameful!  The Fibonerdy Shawl by Kourtney Robinson is based on Fibonacci’s number(s), so extra mathematical geek points if TK ever gets to it.
TK clarifies her Miss Jane’s Hat is not Jayne’s Hat, but hopes you’ll love her anyway.  She’s still plugging away at it!  Made with Malabrigo Arroyo in Vaa, if you haven’t been listening in previously.  It’s a dream to work with! ❤

This is also the part where we plug the Harry Potter Knit/Crochet House Cup group on Ravelry!  Fantastic group, fantastic people, and great for motivation.  Check ’em out.  The references to OWLs, BROOMs/Missions/Phoenix’s,  homework/classwork, and detention are all about that group.

As TK is a beginning knitter, she loves her Cast On, Bind Off book by Leslie Ann Bestor

Rambunctious Sky is still working on her Gemini pullover, pattern free through Knitty. She practices knitting in the dark so she can knit through her opera class during the movies parts.
She’s also eschewed more swatching and has finally cast on her Sashiko Sweater by Ellen Gill.

We talk about how it’s good to imagine how you’re going to finish a project, before you begin it.  RS learned this tidbit through knitter’s “finishing school”, TK learned this from her poor beleaguered metalsmithing teacher. (So sorry, Ms. B!)

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane–It’s FOs! (11:34)

TK has cranked out the Catesby Three Hour Cowl for Quidditch’s Speed Trials, which actually took her about 5 hours, but she’s not complaining since it came out so swell.  It’s a crochet pattern where you crochet through the back of the stitch only to make the raised pattern.  She used Ton of Wool by Ms. Gusset, and feels that it just flies the the fingers!  Love the pattern & love the yarn!

Things to Hyperventilate Over (19:53)

RS has been addicted to playing Badland (a for-pay app for iPad) which has a cute little fluffy guy you’ve got to navigate through some beautiful environments while you keep ’em from all sorts of assorted doom.  By Frogmind an indie developer, so check ’em out! We totally don’t make any money from these endorsements, this really is just stuff we like (and are addicted to.)

(22:28) TK talks nail art, and expounds about the new things she’s found while on the quest for the perfect Slytherin nails (and the prefect green!)

Sinful Colors nail polish in Calypso (1181) is a lovely deep, deep green (almost green-blue) and is holding up well on TK’s toes.  Only one coat needed, but TK slathers it on thick the first time! 🙂
TK also tries “i ❤ Nail Art” pen in fine Pearly White (360) color, by Sally Hansen, and likes it, but it produces thicker lines than she’d hoped for.  Might be great for doing french tips easier though, and unlike markers it uses real nail polish.  Holds up ok, but has worn away quicker than the Sinful colors.

Photo colors aren’t true, so I tried to get the block behind the text to be the same color, but who knows if it worked?! Computer colors drive me batty anyway.

We talk about the tiny crochet polar bear going around, made by Kim Lapsley.  It’s sooo tiny and adorable, so check out her Pinterest page that we’ve linked to find the bear and others of her work.

We also talk about Tiny Owl Knits’s small knit charm bracelet patterns. They are also super cute! Her website is here.

Lastly, TK geeks out about a new flavor of tea she’s found from Lupicia Fresh Tea, (link is to the U.S. store) called Tsugaru Green. Delicious!  The taste of apple is a refreshing addition to the green tea, and the aroma is sweet and inviting.

TK confesses to breaking out in song with little provocation.  Is she perhaps convinced that her life is secretly a musical?!? Time will tell.

Books ta stick your nose in (31:53)

The Life and Selected Letters of Lady Mary Wortley Montagu
She’s so sassy!

Shiny! (34:59)

In which TK extols the virtues of new (used) boots for a myriad of costuming options.

Brainy Moments–How To: Tips and Tricks (36:03)

RS discusses the increases in Gemini…she doubted, but then was reassured by her housemates.  She also made an adjustment by casting on 4 extra stitches underneath the arms.  It worked!

TK shares a tip for the (digital) industrial driers at the laundromat…Hold down the power button at the same time that you hold down the temperature setting button, and the temperature of the drier will display!  Let us know if it works for you!

TK asks RS what she uses to wash her delicate knitwear–she uses Soak (Aquae), so TK may get some as she’s finally making a few not-machine-washable things and needs a solution. (Cue the highhat.)

I Spy: Nature lover’s segment (45:40)

RS sees her first snake in the wild! SO exciting! TK squees, but that’s ’cause she loves snakes.  TK recommends the coffee-table book of snakes called Serpentine by Mark Laita, as it contains beautiful photographs.

TK tries once more in vain to catch her fly-by hummingbird, but no success.  She also bemoans the fact that all the animals think winter is over and have begun their mating routines, including the Mourning Doves and Mockingbirds.  She wants more “winter.” People who have real winter must surely mock her, but she stands firm.

Musical Menagerie (51:56)

RS demonstrates the free app called The Young Person’s Guide to the Orchestra, very useful for music teachers (or those wishing to enhance their child’s musical knowledge.)

TK shares two very relaxing YouTube links that she likes:
11 Hours of Tranquil Birdsong
10 Hours of Rain on a Tin Roof

Random Remnants (55:12)

TK begs RS for fabric strips to make the zoori’s we talked about in a previous episode, but is denied since RS is planning a scrap rug!  Send me your tired, your forlorn, I mean your scraps.

We discuss joining something like the Weasley Sisters’ Cardio Knitting Challenge or starting up our own “Walks in the Urban Wilderness” fitness section, so we chat about what we could do, since we both need to get moving more.  Right now the goal for both of us is to get out and walk twice a week, so we’ll check back in next week.  We’re low-impact kinda gals!

Also, you can hop on over to the Weasley Sister’s Rav Group to follow along with their Cardio Knitting challenge, if you’d like to set fitness goals with the motivation of possibly winning sock yarn to spur you on. ❤

That’s it for this week.  Thanks for joining us!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Podcast – Episode 002 – Mysterious pieces: No extra charge!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber – Episode 2 <Click here to listen to the show.

Show notes!

Our sound is a little bit mal-synced from our video, so if you’re watching along, sorry!

Projects of the Moment–WIPs Progress Report

Tiny Kiwi is hating Crocodile stitch phone cosy in Disney Princess color, so she’s sending it to Rambunctious Sky

Jane hat progress!

Horribly long tab beginning on Fibonerdy OWL=tedium! Advice is to not do it in black, if you’d like to actually pick up the stitches properly. Learn from TK’s mistakes!

RS shows off her Berroco Linsey linen & cotton yarn in a suspiciously tweedy color. It’s multiple-colored plys though! Don’t get any tweedy ideas.

We talk scientific endeavor–washing linen–Does it really make it softer? Inquiring minds refuse to take word of mouth and must find out for themselves, apparently. (TK tries to connive RS into giving her the yarn instead, as is her way.)
RS us using this yarn to make the Gemini pullover pattern (free on Knitty). It’s a top down raglan style t-shirt.

TK’s mission debacle news…TK goes for adding on crochet socks to her mission proposal (footy knit socks as a backup!)

RS’s OWL news: She shows off a swatch, learns DK weight yarn is not Aran, (don’t get so excited about pretty yarn you’re buying online that you forget to check the weight!) so she has to pick a different pattern.
RS finally makes gauge on a tiny inch of swatch so TK advises, “You need to make a bigger swatch, Madam!” Maths ensue~! So much maths!


TK’s magical Candy Mug cosy

Strange noises? RS’s partner is rollerblading in the kitchen!

RS’s swatch into hat got done! Sadly, it won’t be for detention points, but at least it’s done. Yey for getting WIPs done!

Things to Hyperventilate Over (18:30)

RS talks about her opera appreciation class. (No homework!)

We discuss how everyone in RS’s class is a senior citizen, as is usual for most of our hobbies.

Puccini’s Turandot and heartbreaking arias

Adventures in Editing! When we talk face to face, we are often talking a mile-a-minute and finish each other’s sentences as we’re so often on the same page. It tends to freak people out a little, and is harder to do on Skype. We’re working on it! Ha ha!

TK shows off the Nautilus shell earrings she got at the artist’s co-op on Molokai, Hawaii.  If you happen to go to Molokai, check ’em out! Help support independent artists, and art in the schools. 🙂

RS ties the nautilus shells into her Sashiko pattern, as it reminds her of fractals in tree branches

TK discusses her fear of RS’s yarn being too 80s

Books ta stick your nose in!

TK starts and finishes the Annotated Northanger Abbey discussed in last week’s podcast. TK discusses her love of Jane Austen, Mr. Tilney, and historical writing. But mostly Mr. Tilney.

RS admits that she might not have as much Jane Austen street cred as TK, and TK admits she’s a a pretty big fan of JA.

TK rants about authors who write Austen sequels poorly, but still solicits information on any sequels that can properly capture the tone of the times.

TK also talks about Patricia Briggs’ “Mercy Thompson” series of were-coyote brain-fluff, if you like supernatural novels that are quick reads.

RS cries over reading Bridges of Madison County, but still recommends it. It’s so realistic that National Geographic apparently gets inquiries about the imaginary man who worked for them. Spoiler alert! He’s a man of fiction! Sigh! All the good men are.

TK re-reads To Kill A Mockingbird, and dislikes it all over again. It’s a good book, but sad and TK isn’t into sad books.

Shiny! New and new-to-us things to show off

RS gets an interchangeable set of needles (sizes 4-11) from KnitPicks…and loves them! Color is Caspian…aka GREEN! Green for SLYTHERIN! Comes with mysterious pieces, no extra charge!!

TK tries hard to convert RS to SLYTHERIN

Yarn! It’s not cotton candy, sadly. ;_;

RS’s new blue yarn/thread intended for making snowflake ornaments. From Daiso.

The Creative Reuse place provides crochet hooks…only 50 cents a piece! No takesy backsies!

TK suggests Stainless Steel welding rods instead of blocking wires, but hasn’t tried yet. It’s **supposed** to be cheaper! RS says she’s used beading wire previously

RS talks using the snowflakes for homework projects, especially for next month.

More OWL talk! A corkscrew of misery!

Brainy Moments–How To, tips & tricks (46:50)

We talk tensioning yarn, and changes we’ve made to lessen pain and hand problems, while increasing tension, without excessive wraps that get stuck on our sweaty hands!

Hand problems are serious! Try different things! You can teach yourself new ways, even if it takes brain power to get there! Take care of your hands. ❤

Hand stretches are great! Do em! ❤ Tangental sisters strike again~!


I Spy: Nature Lovers’ Segment

Slightly Off Topic: Mariachi music training from Jose Hernandez Mariachi Sol de Mexico, who trained them for two days in Mariachi music…

…so RS got to see a natural garden outside a school, where she saw a hummingbird

TK isn’t taken in by supposedly a “cute” hummingbird. She reminds people they are vicious and go for the jugular. They’re cute to get away with their viciousness! (It should be noted that TK isn’t a professional.)
RS also sees one small mystery bird…perhaps a phoebe?

TK hears two birds, but can’t spot them–a Hummingbird, and a Mockingbird, and reminisces about when Mockingbirds didn’t sound like car alarms (when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.)

Music of the Moment

TK’s been listening to Nina Simone, here’s a link to one song on YouTube: Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood

RS talks about Bill Robinson in the children’s book Rap a Tap Tap
Bill Robinson/Bo Jangles=best tap dancer ever?!?
He was in the movie Stormy weather, with a song by a New Orleans minstrel band which gets stuck in RS’s head after the 6th viewing.

Phew! Thanks for joining us~! See you next time!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber Podcast – Episode 1 – Chopstick Unicorns

Welcome to Sisters of the Holy Fiber, a blog and podcast from two crafty sisters. Tune in as we converse about what we’re making, including knitting, crochet, sewing and whatever else we feel like trying!  Our non-crafty segments include geek-related excitement, nature lovers’ musing, and a musical menagerie. We’ll be doing tutorials from time to time, sharing new tips and tricks we’ve discovered. So grab your spindle or your shuttle, and join us as we craft and chat!

Sisters of the Holy Fiber -Episode 1 <Click here to listen to the show.


Projects of the Moment: WIPS Progress Report
…In which we geek out about whatever projects we’re working on at the moment.

TinyKiwi makes a lot of sound effects for her normal everyday movements.

TK’s Mission attempt:  Roselein Hat designed by Franklin Habit
in MadelineTosh Pashmina yarn in Lepidoptra colorway (beautiful!)
TK talks a possible addition of…maybe…Crochet socks? Silence is her answer. Q_Q

TK’s WIP/Possible Detention: Miss Jane’s Hat by Heide Petroski
Sound cuts out but made with Malabrigo Arroyo in Vaa

TK’s Crocodile crochet stitch phone holder/cozy/cosy
(made with same yarn as  bamboozled headband–If we don’t mention a yarn and you want to know know what it is, contact us!)

Lost phone cozy/cosy of awesomeness

RS is turning sweater swatches from Road to Golden by Lisa Shroyer into a hat.

Too-small sweater is in TIME OUT! until it gets ripped out
Striped topdown raglan sweater is also in TIME OUT!

It’s a Bird, It’s a Plane–It’s FOs!
…In which we show off any recently finished works

It’s all RS ’cause TK never finishes anything!

Hitchhiker shawl designed by Martina Behm
made by RS with all due haste in under a week!  Amazement!  RS is amazed by it’s ability to help with obnoxious pooling.

Off Topic: In which we expound on the joys of knitting and being productive during otherwise boring meetings and classes

Things to Hyperventilate Over: Exciting things in geek land
…In which we talk about whatever video game, manga, graphic novel, tv show or anime we’re currently addicted to, and expound on our geeky fandoms

Legend of Mana for the PS One…RPG earthy goodness! Player can change what buttons perform what actions.
RS won’t readily admit to how many hours this game has absorbed her life! Only 3 or 4 hours? Sounds suspicious….

In which TK goes to used bookstore BookOff and has no willpower.
The damage report!

Doilies!–Lace you can crochet with 30 grams or less
The Last Rose of Summer for You (Clothes of nostalgic rose pattern)
(TK talks about a Rose Purse she made)
Le Cartonnage: Stylish cartonnage cloth boxes
Hand And Heart (the bunny purse magazine) show you how to be the  Cutest Housewife Ever–found out it’s supposed to come with a kit to make all this stuff! Sadface!
Easy Homemade Muffler book
(TK turns a Fish into Flower)
Cloth Flower Swaying Gently (I can’t make this stuff up!) is the sewn flowers
Simple Cloth Zoori’s on DVD (Mama Kids and Papa flipflop book)

Jane Austen Knits Magazine
New Reticule pattern
Old Reticule pattern…Might perhaps tack it onto TK’s Mission?

Northanger Abbey annotated by THE GREAT David M Shapard

Books ta stick your nose in
…which really just got absorbed into Things to Hyperventilate Over

RS library booksale find…Knitting in Vogue, only $1
Crazy hairdo’s of the 80s!

Off Topic: RS is a little (a lotta?) bitter about only gotten a quilt top made in a class that was supposedly about making a whole quilt.

RS is going to be taking an opera appreciation class! TK is excited by the thought of being able to belch out opera tunez, but then remembers Opera has nothing to do with belching and is actually work.  So instead RS is gonna be seriously appreciating opera!

Shiny! New and new-to us things to show off
…books, needles, fiber, clothes, etc.

Schoppel-Wolle’s Zauberball  yarn, color is 1872 ombre Brombeeren

Off Topic: And in which TK discusses trying to find the perfect way to beg, borrow or steal a smidge of photos that are color-true to appease her OCD when it comes to stash photos.
RS doesn’t care, which is why RS’s stash is (close to) complete and TK’s is not

RS’s Knitpicks interchangeable needle set and sweater yarn on the way!

TK shows off more green yarn (Crystal Palace Yarns Mini Solid in 1104 Green)

In which RS tries so desperately to get us onto the next topic…again.  Hang in there RS!

Brainy Moments–How To: Tips and Tricks
…In which we share things we’ve just figured out like a new stitch or new craft, or knowledge we are otherwise just dying to share

Crocodile/Alligator stitch…can you tell TK likes alligators better? It’s really supposed to be a crocodile stitch.
Working in round vs. flat croc stitch
2nd prototype needed!

Glitched out: TK: We’re both recovering from illness, sorry!

RS recommends “5 Basic Shawl Shapes by Derya Davenport.”  It shows how  shawls take shape with different increases; RS demonstrates using the Hitchhiker shawl as an example.
Ended up with less than 42 points due to smaller yardage in RS’s substituted yarn!  If the number of points is important to you, pay attention to your yardage!   The shawl is the answer to life, the universe and yarn that might turn out horrible with ugly pools.  It comes RS recommended!

Go support independent designers and buy it on Rav from designer Martina Bame (who also has a Magrathea shawl!)

For those of a different geeky bent or *gasp!* the non-geeky among us, all this talk of 42 and answers to life is based on Douglas Adams’ book  The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy.

I Spy: Nature lover’s segment
…In which we talk about any wildlife we’ve seen in the past week or nature-y places we’ve visited.

Tk visits the Fullerton Arboretum and sees a few mostly immature or possibly female robins (and swears she sees California Towhees, but none of her party will back her up on this, ’cause red butts are hard to ID), some hummingbirds not worth mentioning, (’cause she forgot!) mockingbirds, and one lonely coot. (Also forgotten!)

And we share horrible stories not worth repeating, (why were we sharing this in the first place?!) and ponder whether window clings actually help birds not run into windows or if it’s wives’ tales.  Who knows?  All we know from first hand experience is that it doesn’t work for pigeons.  ‘Nuff said.

Music of the Moment
…In which we share any music we’re currently listening to or have just discovered, whether old or new

RS geeks out about Itzhak Perlman, virtuoso violinist

His website!

Youtube of him!
Violinist Itzhak Perlman playing Sarasate’s “Zigeunerweisen”

And last but not least, a glimpse of the rare Chopstick Unicorn, who is apparently “in dangers” for the valuable resource of it’s chopstick horn.  In my defense, I didn’t know she was recording.